Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Just passed the holidays and DURING the holidays are a mixes of pleasure and pain. Pain is when there are so many people who lingers around and so is thier natural body odour. It's unbearable and it really makes my day pain. Pleasure is when they walk pass and most of them don't wears underwear. It's obvious and when thier bulge moves so much and thier outlines are quite obvious. Aiks!! Well, it's eye candy but the guy that i kinda always look at are not back to work yet. Didn't see him for some time already, as i only would bump into him when i'm in the train. The other guy that i'm keeping my hopes up are not taking any first steps yet. Well, should i start it?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm someone who (i think don't get lucky with intimate love) never had a date. Well i did, but it's just a month.It was as it should be but i think i back out. Well better not waste his time. It sounded easy but i am trully sorry for what has happen. I've never had a bf. Hence i think thats why even or whenever i'm around a "GUY" a really mannish ones, i felt safe and that longing attraction is so strong. Or it's actually sent back to me by this guy? Everyday if i goes back at 10pm, without fail i'll sure see this guy. His body shape is not what i'll go gaga over, (i think it's his shirt thats very long.) but there's something in him that i really got attracted to. Recently i noticed that he actually acknowledges my presence. Well, not by saying hi or anything but just knew he knows i'm around. Heehhe.... He's cute and fresh. A boy perhaps. Lets see what will happens next time, But too bad i finish at 6pm tomorrow. I think i'll only get to see him the next day.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I really wonder if i'm gonna grow old alone. But then again excitement are everywhere. Just as simple as taking a train. I love it when there's too many passengers. I feel kinda hot when there are guys standing beside me and are forced to stand real near to me. Well thats what you gets when there are too many passengers, and whatever happens down there are really out of everyone's visual. Like what happen the other day. This boy were right beside who looks super straight and his military hair cut makes him kinda hot. I wouldn't dare to touch him cause i'm not sure if he's straight but of course as the train moves accidental touches happens. Hahhaa.... was normal at first, but then when more accidental touches happens i felt that it's getting harder and easier to reach. I even realise that he adjust himself so that i could accidentally touch him better. I managed to actually grab him a while, when i realised that i already reached my station. Sharks!!! This is a torture. Making me all pump up and i can't end it. Well, at least i had an enjoyable ride. Left and went straight home.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here it begins!!

Well, decided to write stuff in here. I have tons of things to write in here rushing through my mind this afternoon. Now, I'm totally blank. Went to work as usual today and can't stop looking at hot guys everywhere (as usual).... Anyways I'm kinda tired now. Guess i just have to write tomorrow then. So much for (Here it begins!!!)