Monday, August 30, 2010

This dick looks like my mood this weekend.

I had the worst weekend ever. I was all excited to go home untill my sisters decided to bring the dog. I have this thing with dogs. I can't take their natural dog smell. I will vomit. Imagine it's in an air conditioned car? Then i kept the window opened the whole journey. It's a house dog who never been two hours in the can add up the while month!!! She has to puke before me. The dog has to puke......

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Anything of pure simplicity is always hard to achieve or maybe to get. Don't you realize that to just sit and enjoy the scenery sipping a cup of coffee are usually done by rich people? You got to have money just to afford the simplest things in life.
I watched a show the other day. It's about this guy who really wants to hike one of this mountain and everything. So i guess he got the chance to do it but he has never trained to rock climb. Then he got trained a few days and start climbing this mountain. It takes him 3 days to reach the peak and obviously he cannot do it alone. So his trainer will climb with him. Now the thing is, while climbing it they depend on each other a lot. As they will stay overnight on the cliff and the srcurity stuff as well. So the dreamy guy is obviously gay. The trainer is obviously straight. When you see a man takes care of another man is really a very sweet thing. Especially when you know one is gay an one is not. The trainer should have some idea that he is gay. Still he kinda care for him like normal. Well actually not very normal. cause it looks like he is taking care of a gay (not woman) instead of a buddy. It should be different cause, you know how straights with their buddy. I have always have this thing avout guys taking care of another guy. It is a beautiful thing.
I hope there is a man to do that to me. :) I'm drooling already. i should stop for today.

Monday, August 23, 2010


I'm hungry all the time. I found these sweet potato my sister bought. So i peeled it and start eating it while watching the tv. Of course i ate it like I've never eaten before. I start licking it and start to indulge it. Then i realize it was 8 inches in length and it was around 2.5 to 3 inches wide. I am actually eating it like I'm giving a blowjob... LOl..!! Well i didn't know i could take such huge ones. It's no wonder guys always are breathless when ever i take them. It was kinda nuts though to actually have that thought while eating. Thank god i was alone. I would be flushed if anyone sees me blowing a potato. Aiks!!!  Anyway i have been smoking a lot. Why people always does things that they know will harm them and also insist of doing it. Hmmm..... Oh  this guy living opposite my house were checking me out today. I was gardening, squat down to water the plants. I must have looked quite .......... cause i was wearing white surf shorts and it's white. Am not wearing underwear plus my shorts is partly wet. Ha ha ha..... not intended. Maybe i looked ugly. Don't know. i wonder how does that guy looks like? As i can't see that far, hence i don't know how he looks like.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I am worried

Was following this blog by this 17 year old guy called Andy. Envious life, and full of stuff to talk about. I just love it whenever he dressed up and sweep his hair up. I wish there is a guy here that looks like that, but then again it wouldn't felt like him. Then there is this another blog that i followed by this guy called Josh. Hmm... he as been quiet for some time, after his blog of his love hates him. Hmmm....Kinda worried about him there.
Back to my sttory, I don't think my vision is getting better. It goes up and downs. With the medications that i'm taking have very bad side effects. I have red spots growing on my skin from the steroids i'm taking. It looks like i have some disease or  something Then the steroids are making my appetite grow. So i gain weight. 3kg to be exact. Then the steroids suppresses my immune system. So chances of  me getting any other sickness are higher. These really got me worried shit.
Anyway life goes on. Glad that the plants that i have been plantingda don't want to see strangers.  are growing. Hahahaa.... Didn't really went out,  as i have  red spots all over my neck and with my bloaated body, i kinda don't want to see anybody.  I really want my smooth body back!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I never realised

I want love but I've never realised how much i want it. Sorry guys for not blogging for some time. Kinda busy as i am not working, i tend to look for stuff to do. Hence i gave my hoe an extreme makeover. It just proofs i'm not gay enough. ZIt's messier than before. LOL....... Anyway about "the" LOVE. I have never realised i have wanted it so much. I actually had tears in my eyes when i see just a simple gesture of a guy worrying about another guy. IKinda think of it. I never ever had a guy really hugs me and comfort me or even when i want it i couldn't get it. I think i'm becoming a whore for love. At any moment now if any guy who actually worries about me i think i will melt and grief. Hahha.... lol....Well, things always happens in a weird way. Sometimes in a weird way it will never happens too.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Went out

Well, i went out again. Just normal outing with my sis. We both have this sudden obsession of doing gardening. We sweep the plants in the nursery. Anyway you know the nurseries here always are arranged in a way that there are only narrow path between the plants. Hmmm.... I cannot believe it how adventures it could be. There are always many plants there hence there are also many workers and many people walking around. Sometimes i get irritated by how many times i have to step aside to give way. well there i have difficulty seeing those plants. The gardeners there have to wear this big hat to makes things worst. When they walk pass it always hit my head and mess up my already messy hair. There again this gardener tries to walk pass again. He kinda insisted passing through in front of me. I didn't even look at him. then another guy wanted to pass again and then this same gardener (i guess. by instinct) want to pass again and again he wants to walk pass infront of me. T his time i kinda stared at him when he was right in front of me. Kinda have to face to face. I gasp for a while, as he is sexy. not good looking but his feature suggest sexy.!!!! He stared back at me and this time he brush his bulge against my bulge. I got shocked!! totally blank almost fainted and i don't know why , my sudden reaction was to grab his bulge. It was bloody embarrassing as it's happen even without thinking. When my senses came back i was still in shock and my first reaction was to look if there was anyone around. There isn't!! not even my sis. Does that means it was only him who kept passing by me??  Then he started rubbing my dick with his hand. God knows hos suddenly my dick were so hard and he manage to push it out of my underwear. He didn't even unzip my jeans.!! Then he manage to hold my penis head and start scratching it, while it's still in my jeans. I on the other hand is already holding his shaft. He is wearing a soft material pants, sort of like linen. It was so incredibly kinky that i almost cum, then he pull my hand and just walk one row to the back into one store room. He just knelt down and start giving me blowjobs!!!  Anyone in this situation will be in full heat and no way that you could hold yur cum.  So i cum in like 3 seconds (aiks!!) then i thought of returning the favour. I wanna pull out my dick but he doesn't let go. he continue sucking. OMG!!! That was like the ultimate weapon and my kinky desire. He sucked like a hungry baby, robust but silky at the same time. The suctions were precise and i can't moan. So i have to shut up but in pleasure. My whole body were throbbing and i cannot breath. Almost 10 munites i cum again. I grab his hair so hard and i think my toes were twisting in my shoes!! hahahaaa..... I wish i could give him more but my sis were calling my phone already that time. I have to go and we parted in a very wierd way i must say. Cause i was looking at him in a very very sorry way but then i really want this look. He smiled and say, it's okay, with a thank you. I never felt so guilty for not doing something wrong before. I just wish i had have hug and kissed him when i leave.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Empty

Hmmm.... you ever felt like you have so much to do and everything seems to flash through your brain and at the end it's actually empty? I seems to have so much to do but i just can't decide where to start! What's worst is that i went out for my birthday dinner the other day. A simple walk around the mall makes me go crazy. There are actually so many stuff that i have been wanting to do. Like now, i just can't decide. This is frustrating. I have just gain 3kg due to my medications. I tend to eat a lot. I feel ugly to even walk put the door. It's just a month that i have been sitting at home and the world changes fast. Just a moment at the toilet the other day, and guys are very daring or shall i say des[erate. Well i know i do but since my vision is limited so i just don't look. The guys in the toilet instead are.... well you know standing beside you longer than usual. Well, though i can't look doesn't mean i can't have a hard on. The guy that was beside me was the waiter where i'm having my birthday dinner. Damm!!!! He is hot as far as i know. When he serve my table, i can see that he is lean and toned. When he lean forward to remove some plates , his bulge is right on the table. He place it right on the table. I think he knows how to work the table. Such a teaser. Back to the toilet..... I think i got nervous. I don't dare to look when i know he is standing there for so long. I eventually turn to look but i don't know why, i just can't see but i can see he is looking at me. Arrghhh...... at the end someone came in and we just went off. Well, it's good for him too, or else with the inner energy that i have reserved for that exercise. I'll suck him dry in one go. LOL.......