Saturday, May 21, 2011


Was searching for BL33N. Couldn't seem to open it. I thought it's opening in MAY. Anyway then i saw a blog that interviewed the two guys that made Bl33n happen. They are actually a married couple. Matthias Vriens Mcgrath and Donavan. Look at their wedding picture. It's almost fictional. Two such beautiful guys could get together, supporting each other. I think fairytale do happen. Such an inspiration.  

I Made a Wish

I have this habit of talking to the moon. Everyday when i sneak out to smoke then i'll make wishes. Then i'll take pictures of it. Yesterday i made a random cheeky wish. My wish came through right away. It happened so fast. It happened in a very wrong way though. Then again it happened in a bad way as well. Somehow i'm glad it happened to me and not anyone else. Very weirdly ironic. Now it makes me think has the moon been making my wishes comes through all these while? It's nice when you are broken and you have something to believe in. Rationally or irrationally. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Just saw this model in one of this fantastic blog. Superlicious. He has a pair of killer eyes. Like a porn Barbie's eyes but it's not porn at all on him. My god, he is like a revolutionary new age high end gourmet. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

What is that feeling?

I was born on the day Princess Diana and Prince Charles got married. Thats why my middle name is Charles. Since then i kinda grew up explaining to people why my name is so. When i heard about the tragedy, i weep inside and then i went to my room to release my tears. Frankly speaking,  i don't know her. Untill today I don't even know when is her birthday or even pay extra attention checking on her details or news. I was surprised i would feel so. Maybe because i grew up, or shall i say we all grew up, seeing her pictures appear once in a while in the news, on paper or magazines. Every where we look, we will see her pictures.  I guess i felt like something is missing. Her ever iconic pictures through out my childhood somehow made me felt close to her. It's like i grew up with her around. It's like our childhood teddy bear. When we loose it, we will felt it's presence is not there. Every now and then when i see her or hear about her, i will feel a mild tightness in my chest, but at the same time her image always makes me feels that everything is gonna be okay. It's truly a great loss to the world. A precise definition of "God needs an angel. So he take her away"  I am grateful that she left behind two angels to continue her legacy.