Sunday, October 27, 2013

So Much

Yeah, it's a Sunday and we are suppose to laze around. I think it's hard to laze when there are plans running prematurely in your semi functioning brain. It just forbids you to sleep or rest, and you can't do anything else but to attend to that annoying plans. 
Hahahah... it's not any gigantic plans or anything though. It's a collection of  little little stuff that i should upcycle in my home for Christmas and CNY. It's damm bloody near already. I've started quite late planning for my garden. Now all the plants are not fully grown and i hope it would mature just in time for CNY.

Times like that the net has all the wonderful ideas. it helps you to speed up so many unnecessary process. Then again it also makes you wanna do so much more stuff. lolzz......  Have a great week ahead guys. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013


I was chatty after drinking these days. I mean usually after drinking it's either i sleep or i become a devil. Just these days i seem to talk instead of doing the usual. Hmmm.... The last time i was quite emo. Then yesterday it happen again. I seem to talk with tears coming out at wrong que's and my story doesn't make sense. Hahahah... it seems that i Begin the story and skip to the middle and suddenly it's the end. lolzzz....... Thank god i didn't do this in public. I was at home with a friend but it's still embarrassing nevertheless. She's back from Singapore but she's back there again today. 
I was talking about Bumble Bee though. Never knew i missed him so much. I think he is not coming back for CNY next year. Then Refflesia try to contact me again via text. I didn't reply, cause i genuinely felt happier without his presence in my life. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


What do you think of when you are doing nothing? I tends to find stuff to do. Hahahah.... well sometimes. Most of the time i laze around. Drinking coffee is a must though. I wouldn't feel like i am resting if i don't have coffee by my side. 

Then of course when you are feeling all at ease, the devil comes in to be our imaginary "masseur". Though i know many of you get "Live" ones. :)

So just when you feel like you are contented and have done so much and then you bump into these pictures below? You just rather not feel anything at all. 
These things are made entirely out of paper.  They are called Paper Sculpture. Where did these people come from?? Where is it gonna stop? Everything is getting extraordinary now. Just when you feel that you have done the max and reach the impossibles? Then when you see these stuff? You totally feel like you're nothing compared to that. I felt almost embarrassed. Such a mockery to my entire being. It just makes me wonders that "what have i been doing all my life?" I should Intensified my life's productivity. Waste no more time and be modest. Really really modest. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Custom or needed to be customized?

Is it a custom in your home to wait for everyone to have a meal at the same time? I thought i do but apparently it's not a custom anymore. Actually i wanna let this go but it really kinda bothers me. Everyday i have 4 other person around me but i am having lunch dinner all by myself. Cold Cold meals!!
So only special occasion it is being practice. I always thought that these practice are really warm and respectful. I love the moment where you can update and laugh with everyone and it's a beautiful moment captured in time.
I personally love to entertain my guest in my dining room. It just seems pleasantly intimate. Actually it's just convenient. Never a dull moment. Don't feel like talking? you start eating. Nobody is talking? You pull out the wine. Talk too much? You cut a watermelon in gag size. Raise your glass for a toast if the conversation gets ugly. Angry? You wake up and wash the dishes. lolzz......
I always have thought that this is a no brainer custom that stuck in the Chinese world. So apparently i am an ancient.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


So I went out to meet up with some friends.  Went to a pub and chat all the way. My expectations were a bit too high. They didn't turn out to be as pleasant as before. Like Last time, I meant. Sometimes I wonder, is it me who didn't grow or it's them who has become like uncle. Talks crap. Drank and drunk. (Not me of course) So I sneak my way out of there. Well, not really sneak, just didn't officially say goodbye. Can't seem to get a cab at the late hours. Even after I called there is no cab. Walk to the petrol station across the street to get water and use their toilet. Light a cigaret on my way in. Went straight to the urinals at the end of the toilet. There is a guy peeing in one of the cubicle. I peed. Which is a long pee. Since there are no cab I hang out at the sink to finish my cigaret. When I walk out, I saw the guy is still there. It's weird. I look closely, he is sleeping.!!! He is obviously drunk. So I tap his shoulder and call him. He moved a bit in slow motion and turn back to respond.  He looked at me, Not a word and he turned back and continue sleeping. .??? He is super drunk. I shake his shoulder harder this time. He has no movement at all this time. I thought he should at least be sitting down and had that door close if he is gonna be sleeping there. I called him a few more times and it's the same. No respond. So I moved in and thought to sit him down and then I could leave, but I couldn't. His penis is out and hard!!! 
Lolzzzzz....... It was interesting, but I don't know if he is gay or straight. I have to put in his penis in any way if I'm gonna leave him there. It was super hard and I can't even bent it to enter it in his small little zipper hole. So while I was graciously handling his penis, he moved his hand and push my head down. Does he wants me to suck it? At that time, I take it as a yes. Ha ha ha ....... I washed his penis. Pulling his tight skin back to wash his head, makes him moans. He is so damm horny. So first round done. He wants me to jerk him off again after two seconds. It's my pleasure anyway. So I did round two. After that I settled him down. After I help him sit on the toilet bowl i went out.
I took another cigaret out there to calm myself down. While I was smoking, he came out. He looked at me stand at my side. He grab by bulge and then tells me that he wants to cum. I was shocked. I told him, he has cum twice. He stare at me for a while, and then walked off. Ha ha ha...... So that's what happened. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Don't know who

But i FUCKING love this guy. It's not just love but it's love love!! I think that he is damm cute. He is pleasantly awkward and he looks nice doing such lame movements.  He is also calm while dealing with his "bad" friends. A definition of a total gentleman, elegance and beauty. I know i am overrating this video. lolzz... but i am intrigue by this guy. I am glad i bump into this video. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thought, Think & Think

 Been worrying about getting Old recently. Not worry about the age but it's more  about the quality of my life while getting OLD. So of course i am determined to age gracefully and with exquisite quality. To achieve that? I Need to Execute a Massive maintenance Operation. 
Cekik Darah!! From my Flora till my Fauna. 
i.e, hair, skin, body mind and soul. 
well... those are the basics. Have to feel beautiful in order to thrive within this world isn't it??
 Then recently something got into me. I begin to like beards & Goth Ninjas. Wonder how am i gonna synchronize that with patinas. lolzz..... 
I even consider marrying Cyrus!!!
Anyway her spills of confidence does turns me on. Ahemm... it's ......Spiritually not sexually. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013


For the first time in my life, the matter "Food" is on par with the matter "Sex". It's all caused by my medication. A medication hazard!! I eat non stop and "now these", sex can wait but that chicken can't!!  Damm alarming.  
I have gained 7kg's in a month!! Is that even possible?? How on earth am i gonna shave all that kgs off??  I have been feeling like a sloth. A very very hungry sloth. 

I am so lazy to move but i know i have to do it. So everyday i do gardening. Twice. Then mentally does sit ups plus treadmill for so many many times. hahah.... lolzz.... okay OKAY.. have to stop joking!! 
Serious;y!! i really need to shave it off. Serious;y!! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


 Have you ever felt like you have these overwhelming feeling, where you have these great idea but you can't execute it? You wanna do it so bad but you just can't start it due to the nature of the current state? I don't like these contained feelings that i have. I felt so excited and yet so restricted. It feels like i have some fireworks burning in a transparent box in my brain. Anyway... how is everybody? Hope everything is going well for everyone. Well it's already one month since my surgery. Fast eh?  
I think eliminating Giles Potter is a bad decision. That is one bad judgement!!