Sunday, March 31, 2013


One night a boy went out smoking alone at the park. While Boy was heading home later Boy saw a cute guy sitting alone.  When Boy walk passed Guy,  the cute guy looked up followed by a smile.  Boy grows two horns and smiled back then asked Guy, Why is Guy sitting here alone at these time of the night? Guy says he has problems and asked for a ciggy. So Boy with two horn sat at Guy's side to smoke with Guy.  Then Boy with two horn chat with Guy about problem. Then while chatting... Guy says, he who studies religion teaching always are calm, tolerable and meditates everyday but still she manage to make him feel so dreadful. It turns out that Guy's GF nags super lots!!

Then Boy with two horn laughs by himself. Cause "Really"? at 3am in the morning he met a guy who  Studies Religion and meditate? Boy grows two horns and guy is a saint!!  It's just so Ironic and it's a slap in the face!!  LoLz...

Anyway at the end...  Guy took Boy's number and tells Boy how he appreciates the talk and wanna see Boy again to chat!!. (yeah Boy already told guy that he is gay)  Again.. it's so weird how things works!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

What You'd Do?

Came across a case where the BF intentionally provoke the GF's emotion, just to prove a point. It has bothered him for some time. So the Gf somehow sensed what was going on and stands firmly just to prove that her BF is using the wrong method. The people around her too including BF's family is on her side. That is to stay firm and not to give in. 
Aren't in every quarrel, you are suppose to fight for "you & Me" instead of "Me" ?? Why not fight for the relationship, instead of finding more ways to hurt each other. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Have you seen this picture before? Over the years i  thought that this is a damm sexy picture. Till i found out the truth of this picture. Kinda ashamed that i perceive it that way.

1967 award-winning photo entitled "Kiss of Life" showed a utility worker, J.D. Thompson, suspended on a utility pole and giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to a fellow lineman, Randall G. Champion, who was unconscious and hanging upside down after contacting a high voltage line. Champion survived and lived until 2002, when he died of heart failure at the age of 64. Thompson is still living.
Photo taken by Rocco Morabito (November 2, 1920 – April 5, 2009)[1] was an American photographer who spent the majority of his career at theJacksonville Journal.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I had a dream yesterday. I was dancing intimately with this girl. No one i know in real life but it's the kind of girl that i would fancy. Then.. in it i was smelling her neck and making promises. 
WTF!!  what is this?? I don't want to be a Lesbian!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


How do you tell an enthusiast that what they are wearing, doesn't flatter them?

Friday, March 22, 2013

My Room

Due to practicality, my room looks so ugly now. ;(  I don't feel like reducing stuff from my room, but I have to add another table. Hmmm....... How? 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Morning Walk

Can't sleep. So i took a walk this morning at the park. No cute guys at all. Not even one person is at my age. They are all way above 50 at least. Then i realize something. They come to the park fully dressed and well equipped. Then they walk or exercise for half an hour. Then they cheat by sitting at the benches for another half an hour then they wake up and walk home. Like they are trying to cheat time to go out of the house or be away from their grandchild or something.!! Hhahaha....  Not only the paired ones only, even the group ones... line dancing or what ever. Waited one hour for everyone to arrive then dance for half an houe. Rest half hour and go home. LoLzzz.... so cute.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jarrod Scott

Have you seen this Model Before??  Usually people do, but they just don't know who they are until they make an unforgettable imprint in their mind! In this case... the evolution of this guy is just freakin  crazy. 

The recent Shoot for VOGUE!!!!!

How can someone look so BAD but ELEGANT at the same time?

Is it the mustache?? Or the combination of the mustache and the feminine hair cut?? Just felt so rude but it's desirable. Owh.. i think i need a dryer. 
Okay!!I am altering myself  to look like that!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

Switch It On

This guy is just so hot. I just don't know why?? 197 repins at Pinterest!! I think i would declare my self as a rapist if i am standing beside him. He is just that beautiful, and he switches it on when ever i see this picture!!  What is on?? I don't know ..It's everything!! 

Okay... i just came back from my eye's  routine check up. My second doc says..  i could have some laser treatment after my surgery in a few months time. She says it could  improve my vision range!! I never thought, that could happen. Well....... thats some good news. 
So i guess... i just have to go with the flow now and improve everything else. Like the picture above i want to switch people on too!! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Super love a man who wears underwear like this and like that.
So chic!! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Carmelo Munzone

Too many SAD people around me today!!  :( Hope everyone could cheer up soon.  I found this video. There is just no way you wont feel happy if you kept on smiling like him. You don't even need to look good to be attractive if you smile like that!! 
What's sexy about him is that he giggles at the end of each laugh. (even when he sings)  When he speaks...  he sounds like he is wearing braces or something!! mildly retarded. That is just so cute and sexy!!  He even could speak when he is still smiling !! Like his lips doesn't close and move!! Doesn't fancy his Hunch-Chubakka-doing-the-Igor-walk-on-the-runway thingy though. His giggles just kills and so adorable.  He is also humble, and the combination of his shyness but there's a confident smile underneath?? Damm attractive!! 

Hope this video makes you guys out there smile at least a bit. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

UPs and DOWNs ii

So the third story. Two day ago when I'm at Pyramid. I went smoking at the stair case at the back near a toilet. Then a guy came in. Looking super chic with his uniform. Cause he paired a pair of brown leather shoes with his all black uniform. OWH!!! With a skinny pants!!! Soooo chic!!! He sat near me. Not close but I could see him and he could see me. Immediately i have this comfortable feeling. You know like when you first saw someone and you get to somehow judge that that person is warm or cold? This I felt warm.... It's almost like I can go straight to him and place my hands on his shoulder and start chatting.
Of course I didn't. Shy! Lol..... I could sense that he looked at me and when I looked back he turned away. So it's like that through out the  whole little one cigarette time. Then he got up and walk away... I followed. I really have the urge to talk to him but I don't dare!! Chicken!!! There are two doors we have to go through to go back in into the mall. Passed the first door and heart beats faster. Then at the second door... He pushed it open and wait for me to pass!! That is just so gentleman. Chic and gentleman.. I think my soul fainted behind the door when I walk passed it. Anyway I did smile an thank him and I still couldn't see his face properly. Then I went speechless and suddenly I don't know how and what to do but to continue walking. I noticed that he did slow down his steps to walk beside me. I am so nervous and chicken.... I just turn in and enter the toilet. He still follows!! Then I thought he would follow me all the way in but he didn't. So I thought of speed pee and meet him outside again to do the chatting . Unfortunately... He left!! It was at 4pm ish that time. I head back to the stair case and waited till 10pm. Hoping he will turn up again but he didn't!! Super mellow... Melancholy ...ish!! Don't know why I felt so sorry about it.
Woke up the next day and decided to take the chances of bumping into him again. So I went to pyramid again. Reached around 1pm ish. Strolled around to search for him from store to store . Not all but the ones with black uniforms. In between I did go back to the stairs to smoke. Around 3pm ish..... He came in! With a friend. He didn't acknowledge me. Don't think I am gonna miss the opportunity this time. When he is leaving I waved my hand and told him I wanna talk to him. Looked at his friend and he didn't budge. I mean go away. So by force I have to talk with his friend around.
I started with asking is he the one who opened the door for me yesterday. Cause I really didn't see his face properly. He said yes. Then I smiled and introduced my self. After that I started apologizing to him about being rude yesterday by thinking that he would follow me in the cubicle. Blush!!  He then laugh and say its okay and I don't need to apologize. I then asked where does he work. He answered. Then my mind went blank and I just shoot right out. I asked him for his number. .  ( his reaction was a shocker) he anxiously said yes!! And started blurting his number.... My hands were shaking while entering his number and he has to point it out!!! Blush!!  Then another shocker... He nervously asked me what time I am leaving? So I told him I have nothing to do and I can wait till he finishes work. So he smiled and told me he finishes at 7pm.  I told him i will call him then and I shake his hand and he left.
Went to Spencer to get him a bar of chocolate then I texted him at 6pm ish... Asking if he wants a dinner or just a drink, so that I could scout for a nice place to hang out. Unfortunately there is no reply. Waited till 7pm and I called him. Didn't want to just show up at his shop cause he turns out to be ├╝ber straight looking. Never know maybe he is discreet about it and I didn't wanna spoil that. He answered my call and told me that he couldn't make it cause his brother showed up with movie tickets. Hmm....... So I told him its okay and don't worry about it. I can just go home. At 111pm ish I texted him again. Just to thank him for his number, hoped he enjoyed the movie and hope he'll have a good rest later.  NO REPLIES......until now. 
I don't know why the sudden silence. Hmmmm...... 
Hmmm...... That's why... With all that has happened. I think I have to shave and start to pray more already!!!!! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

UPs and DOWNs

My leg start swelling and it got me worried cause I started drinking socially during CNY. After all the investigation.... One blood test ruled me out of the kidney danger and another blood resut will be out next week. For now I am out of danger. Apparently I drank too much water. I drink almostt six litres a day cause I am constantly on medication. Mr.Doc had a laugh of his lifetime. Old folks tend to make the same mistake too. Like me they gulp down the water and end up suffocating their lungs and so on. So ppl..  Only drink sufficient water.
Then while on the way home from the Doc, got a call from my cousin saying that my dad had an accident. He was driving his bike and fainted while it's still moving. So he fell and hurt many parts of his poor aged body. Rushed back to Malacca and  got him a full body check up. That goes quite well cause it's all safe and sound. Only muscles pain the next  day. 
The next day I went to Pyramid. Don't know why?  Just felt like it. Writing this now at Starbucks Pyramid, A day after the day I went to Pyramid. Hahahhahah....... I have story to tell lah but this post is already so long. So just gonna write it tomorrow.... Maybe at Starbucks Taipan.
Anyway.... After what happened ( including the third story that's not been told) ( oh!!! There's a fourth!!!)  I think I have to shave and pray more. (usually ppl shave the whole body is it?)