Sunday, October 24, 2010


I have never met a really cute doctor. Well maybe once. I always no, maybe because when ever it's a right time it's never a right doctor. I visited a doctor yesterday. It's not because of my eyes and it's something else. So i visited this doctor. Just a random pick. Kinda looks cheap, the place i meant. But there are so many guys around. I think it's just a coincident. At that time there are only guys there. Making all my senses tingling. Lol... nuts... then later there are these bunch of africans came in . Probably one accompanying the other. I usually never got attracted to them because they kinda speak very loud. These guys are actually attractive. Very slim and kinda fit looking. Hmmm..... I can't do anything cause my sisteres are around. Finally i was called in to the doc. A guy. I mean a male doc. Mid 40's Indian. I have some scars on my stomach. So i showed him. Because those scars are growing. He can't stop touching my stomach. It's a light touch i would say. He then showed me some pictures of the same scars. That book are full of pictures of penises. Well it's medically related but a bit too much of it. Hahhah....... He then later actually try to trick me to give out my cell phone number by asking me to fill up soe forms. Hmm.... I didn't give a correct number/ As much as i wanted sex and a relationshp? I think i'm not in a condition to be savouring that now. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I can't stop thinking of the idea of how i would spend my time if i get a chance to go back. Go back time i mean.  Everything goes by really fast now these. Even the way i view pictures on the net are faster now. I practically just scroll down. Saved tons of beautiful pictures but never open them up to view again. Sometimes i really want to just have "a" time. Imagine sitting on a couch that had ten soft pillows lying on them. When you lay your back on it, you could just feel the pillows hugging around you. Soft music, Dim soft lights, cool air conditioned room with the smells of berries filled the room. Just sitting there with a glass of vine. You felt time. You felt time  just paused there. Just for you to savor the moment. To top it up, if there is a companion sitting right beside you to talk to you. Just a good chat. Remembering the past or the future or fantasies. I really think talking are important. Taking some time back are important. Re-evaluating your actions are important. I really think too, that people now these don't stop and look, or even breath in that moment. Go to a club on a Saturday night and wake up the next day remembering only the journey of you going to that club. If you ever take time off and see things, you will be surprised what you get out of it. Time is very precious. Well, I regret i did't do so many things that i should already have done. No matter how old or young you are, if you sre reading these, try to at least take some time off for yourself.

Friday, October 15, 2010


A smirk?? Ha ha.... It felt quite ticklish when this guy smirks at me. He was the usual guy who pass the documents over when ever there is any deliveries for my sisters company. Well the company she works for. He cae like tons of times a;ready. Yesterday was a bit different. when he passed the documents to me, he actually stared and smirks. That was a a weird moment. It tickles me when ever i thought of it. Aiks!!! Well, as yu know, my world evolves only around me. I don't g out much and these little small gesture might not meant like i think. He is cute though. Well, i wouldn't know till the next time he shows u. Riht??

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Never Clear

It's never clear. What i have to face in the future. I'm just passing through the time by sheer accident. So far it has never been tragic. To speak of. Yes some things are bad, bad, but we always compare to the worst and hey! we would think that we are not the worst. Been very tired these few days. Anti oxidant or not? everything makes me sick. What's worst is the weather in Malaysia. It's streaming hot!!! It makes you lazy to even move an inch. Yeah I've been trying to jog as much as i can. So that i don't get worst. At least some cells are healthy. Barely got time to pamper my plants. It's getting uglier. Got up today to start "a brand new day" but later to realized that i woke up one hour later. I aw the wrong time. Eyes pressure are up again. So with that, my eyes are really cloudy. Then a technician is coming over to install the new phone line. Came and gone. Why on earth, Malaysian technician never looks at least cute. My only opportunity to see cute guys. Was crushed by these people. Hmmm.... how mean of me. Anyway, i'm forced to attend an charity event at a waterfall park somewhere around the city. Will try to update on that when i have chance. I just don't go online when my sisters are around. I just felt like attacjing the picture above. Well it kinda ridiculously fit my title but maybe i'll change it later. Maybe......

Friday, October 8, 2010

So i went Jogging

Just a few days i'm into it. Getting up at 5.30 every morning isn't very tempting.It's at these times where there are practically no one at the park. Still there are some foreign workers who works for the government are up, fully dressed in the yellow florescent uniform laze around the park waiting to start work. Some Muslims, passing by to start their morning prayers. There is a huge mosque beside the park. I must say, jogging is no easy job. I can barely make it a round and I'm out of brat. As the time past there are more people walking across the park, taking a short cut route i guess. What i hate most is that , they hang out at the park and start smoking. I'm a heavy smoker my self but i think i know where i should't be doing so. It really kills when you are trying to be healthy and quit smoking but there are temptations every where. I guess this is the way how life realistically goes on. Temptations. Temptations. Thank god there is always this guy who walks by who smells good. He will walks across the park to go to the mosque. Whenever he passes by, he has this smell, obviously it's the perfume he uses. Smells very masculine and comforting. I look forward for him to pass by every time i jog. It's one of the event that makes it okay to jog. Keeps me going. Somehow, till today i have never seen his face. It's either it's too far or it's too dark. I have poor vision you know. Is he "hot"? is he young" is he old? That is a mysteries that will keep me going. Aiks!! again temptations. I think i should name this post "temptations"

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Bumble Bee, came back today. He is actually having coffee with my sis as i type this. Hmm.... i must say i don't feel as dreadful as the last time. That's a good sign :) Still, i couldn't bring myself to follow my sis out to meet up with him. Hmmm......... maybe in future when i'm back to my original form, instead of this Shrek body. Ahh..... there is this security guy that takes work in my home area He always would go around the area riding on a bike. He is an Indian guy. Very dark. But with his feature and everything, i think he would be very sexy if he is fairer. His too dark tone actually hides away all his vein and nice features.  I took his number the other day. I actually got shocked a bit, a few days back.  As i was walking back from the petrol station, a drunk guy approached me in a van. I'm okay with that until he insist of sending me home. Then he got angry a bit and almost wanna raise his voice. Then i wind my way through, mentioning that he should go home early cause if it gets later, many cops gonna be around. It took me like 10 munites to make him go away. It felt like ages though. scary. Anyway, i took the security guy's number. Now i can call him. When he pass his number to me he actually ask me to call him whenever i walk alone. I didn't know he knew. Hmmmm........... exciting. Ha ha.... ridiculous.

The Pictures As I Promised

Hmm... only manage to take these pictures with my handphone. It doesn't look that healthy though. :)