Sunday, July 29, 2012


 Was at 7E just now and i don't know why today i chatted quite long with him. When i reach a guy was talking with him leaning against the ice cream cooler. Then he saw me so he went away. While i was there another guy came in and wanted to chat with him. He did chat a while but that guy saw me there so he went off after a few chats. After 10 minutes, another guy came in and chat with him too, Then another. He was torn cause he don't know he should speak to which guy... ..including me. I am glad he didn't leave me to chat with them (blushing) So sweet. He just kinda chat with them a while but then he came back to chat with me leaving them there. Hahhaah Felt nice a bit but I don't wanna make him to be in a difficult situation. So i say bye and left. many rivals yeah?? lolzzz...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


On the phone with one of my girlfriend. My ex roommate and she re-found me on Facebook. Anyway she called me and we were chatting about her new found boyfriend. Then i told her about me contemplating what fruit i should get for 7Eleven guy. Usually i'll just get the uncommon  looking ones. Reason, because i don't think he would actually spend so much on fruits, i mean of course he would go for a more practical pricing ones right? In a way it's almost a guarantee for me, that he gets something "new" everyday. So i was contemplating between a Pic and an Avocado. Reason because the Pic is eight bucks each (a bit pricey)and the Avocado is cheaper but i am afraid that he doesn't know how to taste Avocado. Then she goes like "i never get any fruits from you before and i don't know how Avocado taste like.!!" I answered " I love it a lot...but it's actually quite a bad taste when you first taste it. It taste like you take a spoonful of nut concentrate syrup. An overwhelming nut perfume burst on your tongue." "You actually would react like how Mat Sallehs first time having Durians." Then she laughs and i continue..."Like Durians once you have introduced your taste bud to it then you would start to appreciate it." She then ask me for a simpler explanations on how it taste like. Then i try to find another example and i came up with...Avocado taste like dick. She burst out laughing and said "No Wonder you love it" then she straight away ask her boyfriend!! So bloody embarrassing! Now her boyfriend actually  post it up on Facebook for his friends to vote. OMG...... Anyway..speaking of it .now i know why i always have this urge to smile whenever i eat Avocado. Kakaka.... You don't think so? I really think that it does taste like dick... :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012


It became dirty in so many ways. I am telling this story because of two reasons.. One is to hate / complaint about one of my friend and second it's really memorable...I had sex with a sort of like a hi bye friend. Well it's actually  a friend's friend's brother. I get to know him like five years years ago when he is like eighteen and i am twenty six.

The first time, we went out together is in a group. I have this habit of making sure everyone is okay sort of naturally take cares of everyone. So i think that's why the kid sort of like chat with me more.  He is just average but super cute smile and a very intelligent boy.Then it happened in a toilet.  I didn't have the chance to do anything to him cause he didn't let go when i cum..he continue to suck. Imagine i cannot shout or moan..i can't violently push him away cause we are in a public toilet. Imagine how tortures it is? he made it pleasurable though :P . He continue to suck till i cum three times straight. He is the one who made me hooked into this style of the game. lolz.... Then after that we never met till last week.

Again it's an group outing. Once i saw him my tensions grew. I guess he is  too. Cause when we were in the toilet he pulled me into one of the booth. Of course i planned to do the same only that he did it first. We have no attractions towards each other and all but how can the sex be so intense? I will never gonna forget this.

 I felt like he politely peeled me. The whole time i never felt his skin part from my skin. He is not built but perfectly slim. Super slim. No fats. His stomach has no muscles but it's hard. It makes his 7 incher looks gigantic and he is uncut with those angry veins.. It is just beautiful.  My type of dick...something like the pic below .The UN-proportionate sight just turns me so SO on. heeheh..... When i blow him...he did not grab my head but instead his hands were supporting my head from the back. His politeness and his hefty gentleman courtesy makes me wanna  submerged in him forever. He actually makes me blushed cause i felt like he is the one protecting me in a war zone or something. Anyway it's only orals and no anal yeah.

So like a happy red riding hood i share this memorable news to my friend and he gave me the tsk.. tsk... tsk... yucks and disgusting look. He says he would never have sex with a hi bye friend. Even so he would never do it in a toilet. Dirty, sickness, virus and all lah. He ended up making me feel stupid for even telling him. I feel more like a dirty whore telling him than having sex with my hi bye friend in a shit dump.
Two days after that,  he told m a Chinese  Acupuncture  doctor gave him a blowjob. I laugh so loud and tells him..i think he should puncture your head instead. An acupuncture doctor actually dares to gives you blowjob in an unlock patient room? I don't think you would be the only "Victim"

By the way...guys with tattoo is so HOT!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Alex Cornell

It's so so so pleasant. So pleasant that i started to berpuisi.

Ku tercegat tegak when i saw your face,
Alunan movement mu memangkinkan nafasku,
Bila you start singing tergelincir lidah ku,
Jiwang hatiku menanti the next word dendangan mu,
Semakin basah!!
Tak kering lidahku walaupun terlantar hingga ke lantai,
Bila di chorus ku rasa panas kontang tetapi oh!! windy at the same time,
Wahai you yang di you tube,
Dwi cuaca only you can do it,
Keep it up and you know i love you.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dry Lips

Every time when i get closer to my family then he will appear. I am talking about Bumble Bee. My ever great mom's god son / love of my life / so pity studying alone in Australia / so fat now looks like a hamster..
I felt a bit bad cause my sister can't buy him a ticket to come back for her wedding dinner. In fact it happens so fast that he wasn't even being informed until the night of the wedding it self. I felt a bit ...hmmm whats that word? ..  Then i sort of keep it aside then try to enjoy the wedding. Then one of my friend say she would Skype him and at where we are?  There is no line. So When the wedding is about to end they broadcast a video of my sister's engagement ceremony and there...he has to appear in a few shots.."Cam whore"  Imagine usually these video are made to be romantic and sort of like feel good and teary reflecting the moments and stuff.!! So i starts to wonder how is he now. Later that night when i went on my FB. (I never text him through FB anyway) Just updating on his news through there though. His FB? I saw a broken iPad. Quoting..."how can i live without you" (or something) It doesn't make my worries any lesser...then his profile picture has to has "Dry Lips" cracked some more. Then my "dear" friend who visited me have to tell me that Bumble Bee can't come back this December Because his mom doesn't let him to. Owh....kinda making me wanna work harder to actually eliminate all these isn't it? My mom's god son, means he is my god  brother lah isn't it? That means i have to "god" protect him right? "o" . lah...It's someone who i have loved before, so it will be always be that way. Just a different  love plus a "godly" protection. 

Friday, July 13, 2012


Yeah i know it's him again.  Straight Boy (7 Eleven guy). Yeah i am somehow reporting to you guys. Somehow me too wanna document this down. :)
I offered to pay for my friend's drink. So i say "wait!!...together"  I pointed to my friend while looking at him. His response ... "Owh...together huh?"  WITH a smirk. So my friend defended  that i am not his type and all... (We are quite a regular there..i mean there is a mamak outside 7E, everyone there thinks that my friend and i are together) (Somehow to  the mamaks it's weird to see me appearing without him) Anyway I kept quiet cause i never "officially" told him i was gay  before. Yeah i know you guys must be thinking must be obvious by now. Thing is know how sometimes straight guys react dramatically before and after you officially admit it. So i kept quiet. Went for a smoke before going home. That scene repeatedly appearing in my mind. Was wondering that should i have said something? Went home (still thinking) and i couldn't sleep!!! I got up after flapping for two hours on my bed and decided to pay him a visit. Hoping that i could slip in some explanation while chatting

So at 3 something a.m i walk to 7E. So as usual if i didn't prepare then i will bring  "anything"  i could find at home to give him. I only found a box of  mark & spenser blueberry puffs. Hesitated abit cause it's my favorite. ahahahah..... ok ok, took it anyway. Greeted him... he was walking front from the back. Left it on the cashier and head to the back to get a drink. When i came back to the cashier it was already hidden, cause someone came in. He He He he.. So cute..

Then the person paid and gone. We chat, .then i try to slip in the matter that was bothering me..." "Hey... (forehead felt cold) my friend and i are not together"  ahhahaah...trying to make it sound like a joke. (start to feel ridiculous for mentioning it)  (suddenly mind went blank...eyes widened  suffocating  to find something to say immediately so that the situation is not awkward)  still ha ha-ing  (have to say something now! searching... fast!! fast!! fast!!) a split second.......... .i spurted "I'm yours...don't worry"!!!! Ka ching!!!  eyes widened!! Why do i say that???  Ting!! Ting!! Ting!!! zuuppp  I could feel my hair behind my neck stood up I don't even dare to look at his face....... then we both started laughing.....I Mr.Super Red Face...then turns to the back pretends to take a straw and say bye. Then!! My hands were shaking when i walk away.OMG...DON'T WORRY??? and I'M YOURS???? I can understand I'm Yours but DON'T WORRY?? where did that came from?? Why did i even say that??? Really ...this is really OMG!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I was replying a HOT friend's mail and i wrote this "Sometimes when you think you need sex but it's a hug that you desire, and usually a hug is what you don't get even though you are sucking him right in the open. " It's like i can give you a blowjob but hugging you, is gonna loose my virginity!!. 
I never felt like that before. Maybe because while i was still in the working scene people around me always greets with kisses and hugs..May it be just for show or intended. It's still a hug.  So once in a while you may  just get a strong hug. 
Now that i mentioned it ...there were once i am in a super low mood cause i got scolded by my superior for a bad week of sales. I felt super ugly and i was just edging there around my colleague. Then one of the ex colleague turn up. A tall guy  who has a strong broad shoulder. Well of course the normal formality we kiss and hug. I don't know why ..i guessed he is excited seeing everyone he hugged me quite hard. When i felt that sincere close touch i cried straight away. My tears came out non stop. I have to walk away to the toilet and hide. Hhahaha......
Now that i am not working..I don't get that anymore. Well... only hug my dog and it's only the size of a chicken. So i don't know is this ridiculous but right now i am really missing all the hugs that i could get and you may not intentionally intend to comfort that person but i guess we in this strangers world feels lonely all the time....a little body touch does helps a lot. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012