Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee came back. Actually came back for some time already. He is going back to Australia after Chinese New Year. This time it would be 3 years at least. I am sad cause it felt like i am loosing a friend. It felt like the ending of the movie "The Legend of 1900" The part where Max couldn't persuade Nineteen Hundred to leave the ship.

It's really near and i am Lazy!!!!

I really felt so super Lazy to start cleaning. It's already super near practically tomorrow i know, and yet i am feeling so lazy. I haven't even did my Chinese new year deco yet. Remembered the rain kept pouring recently? it killed most of my plants. Everyday when i go out and i saw my plants are like mad ladies after fight or they just came back from a free flow booze rave party. The strong wind and the strong rain and the sudden strong heat when it's not raining...Killed most of my plants. So i have to re plant. My Christmas deco is still up. My biological time has turned upside down. I can't sleep well all the time.Oh what's sis is getting engaged on the 22nd. So the groom will pick her up from here and head to his house for the kenduri. It's the nikah ceremony actually. I am not feeling the pressure actually. Worst comes to worst i can stage everything . It's just the part where i have to physically lift up my legs and moved my muscle to move my body, borders me the most!!!

A Random Video

I really found this video by accident and i really like his voice and him wearing that outfit. Even when he moves his looks kinda manly elegant. So proper and it turns me a nice way. Not sexually but it makes me wanna sayang him. lol.....His name is Ryan. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

I Pray

This is really cheeky of me. I went to Taipan to get some cash from Maybank...Then i didn't realize that it's after 10pm so everywhere closed. I cannot get ciggy. So i walk to the Shell station near my place. One of the staff there a Bangladesh guy who i think is Smart sexy are working at that time. Goose bump!!  So as usual i just look and ask for  my ciggy. After eye washing i then head straight to the toilet. To pee and i am sweating like a pig.. Have to freshen up...Ceh wah!!! Anyway when i was peeing i notice one of my button came off. so while i was looking for it ...the hot guy came in and pee beside me.!!!  I don't know how on earth my eyes are parked at his penis. You know his..........ahhh........owh...his..........wah!!!.......and his.........mmmm....and he is.......aaaaAAaaaaa......  i swear i almost couldn't breathe. I have to actually pray to calm myself down. Too many reaction are happening in my body at the same time i almost cannot take it!! Hahahah..... i think i almost felt that i am blessed at that moment!!!!   Btw ...there is no actions after that included for you and even for me... Bummer!!! 

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I start chatting with a guy before Christmas here online. Then i saw his picture and he is not my type, so being polite i continue chatting and he then requested to meet up. Well, i am not very keen in doing so. Well i have always been like that since i am not confident in my self. but in this case it's also because he is not my type and yeah it's okay to meet up as friends. One thing that definitely stop me from meeting up is that he suddenly became quite sticky. Over the phone and text messages. Well, i have given tons of reason in a polite way that i cannot go out. I don't want to hurt his feelings as i am actually rejecting him. Well then it became a big issue. Hmmmm.....why these people can't understand the message that i am sending through. How can i be polite when you are pushing my limits? And then at the end got embarrassed if i tell you the real reasons. If he is not that sticky...i might just still meet him for coffee. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Reporting for 1st 01 2012

It turns out that everyone i know in KLCC is not working on new years eve. Hmm... what a coincidence. My new years eve dinner became a house warming party and then a surprise visit to Market Place. Everything is not planned at all. I am not complaining but just it's a bit surprising. Thank god i am well prepared for it. LOL..... It was a blast....well...a pleasant blast at the club. I was introduced to some guys at the club and i kinda fell in love for 10 minutes. Because he is wearing braces and he has a great smile. I think guys with braces are damm damm sexy. Most of my time there are quite nice because of his jokes and all. Market place should really look into their air conditioning making everyone sweat is not very flattering. and also their DJ is not very entertaining. Quite disappointing there. Then everyone starts to leave and there is this last stare between the braces guy and me, and then goodbye. I did not take his number!!! Till now i am still finding reasons, to make the fact that i did not take his number, is okay. Hahhah... well, may the cupid be on my side. ..... 

Tell me what do you think if your best friend is flirting in a slutty way with his best friend's BF?