Monday, October 16, 2017


At This point of your life , you just wanna feel a little bit more safe. Loved a little bit more. You want to make sure you are gradually happy. JUST a zillion more richer. A little bit more stable.  You also constantly try to step up a little bit more on your quality of life. Sometimes i feel like i wanna adopt a child, or maybe have one of my own. I Babysit all the time anyway, might as well care for my own child.

Look at MATT & BLUE. Its envious. At this point of my life should i be still looking? I should already have someone to share with, but god just has to forbid. They say god is arranging a hottie for me. So I just have to give in and hope. Patiently and calmly waiting, while i masturbate everyday to wait for my prince charming.

Men and Money. What else? As cliche as it sounds. These two elements do play a very big part in my life. I assume everyone's life too. LOVE and MONEY.  The DEVIL and LUST. The ANGEL and HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Anyway i'm just ranting. Disappointed i am but still with a little bit of hope.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


I wonder if anyone still reads these blogs. When im sad? These blogs are the ones i would think of. Somehow writing OUT stuff, does carries out some sorrows.

Remember there is this best friend of mine that i unfriend from my Facebook? He is an obnoxiously self centered. ASSHOLE.  He went studying in UK and came back recently. I really don't understand. Why someone so brutally hated by all his friends could come back looking all beautiful???? He came back looking better than ever. His skin is beautiful. He who is one year my senior, now looks years younger than me.
He is like THE fruit of desire wherever he goes. Even his Grindr list are like from the elite model list. Ive never seen those guys appear around me or in my grindr at all. Its definitely not botox or surgery. All he does was gym and he has a killer body now. Looking all sharp and dapper. My only consolation is that he walks like he is trying to keep a ping pong ball in between his arse cheeks, from falling.

Yes i know his hard work paid off. But im really (kinda) hurt by all that he is getting. He is an ass. Bad attitude and a show off. Me on the other hand are getting no where by being all good. Its things like that that test your faith isn't it?? Well im not about to let go. I did start to work harder (loosing my tummy) I have a face that cant change anything unless i go for a surgery.

For fuck sake. I want a boyfriend. I want to just settle down. How is it possible that i never had a boyfriend at 36. Where else he gets 36 fucks a week????  LIFE IS JUST UNFAIR.

Monday, March 27, 2017


I just came backfromPyramid. It was a fairly good night. Unroll I met this Chinese guy in the toilet. I would say he is beautiful.
He was wearing. Black tee. Aristocratic green  shorts. New balance shoes. Colourful shoes. The way he moans are so motivating.  He likes it when I slide in slowly with my mouth. He reacts in all the right places.  I think he is delicious. He doesnt smell at all. Smell of sweat or stale hair. He smell so fresh everywhere. His underwear smells like the fresh laundry. He even position his feet right under my knees. Super gentleman. He is brutally beautiful.
I wanted to pass him my name card, but he left so fast.  I'm so disappointed right now. I never felt so helpless before.  I have no whatsoever way to reconnect with this beautiful soul again. Please. If you are reading this.
Please please contact me through my instagram. TWOHORNSCHILD.
You are wearing Black tee.Green shorts.New Balance Shoes. Black Calvin's.