Thursday, May 30, 2013


Stop borrowing money from me already. What gave you the idea that I have money to loan you? Each of you, when I know you I made it clear. I don't work. So I have no income. Still, you thought of asking me. When you ask pulak , I tak sampai hati to refuse. I'm sad when I couldn't help you. Then again it's out of my capability. Grrrrr........

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

These guys

These guys really don't know what they are valued at. When they play it right wonders would appear. All you need is, dare to try.  When you think you are lesser? Then let affection beats it all. i bet many guys never really tried it. Actually do they know what is that? Lolzzzz.... Some crazy theory I find quite true but it's difficult to "be" practice as everyone dare not anticipate. Everyone are quite fragile.
Don't you think??  I think I am too... Am I?

Monday, May 27, 2013


I can't seem to be able to comprehend this picture below as they are oozing with love and such masculinity practicing such elegant affection in the open just melts me to the core. 
 then comes these pictures below. Hmmm.... such a mockery to my current entire being!!! Don't know if it's real or not but it's bloody sweet 

Monday, May 20, 2013

sneak peak

The old trick always works!!! Super turn on by this pic. Look at the veins!!! He he he......   There is a guy that sat right in front of me after jogging the other day at the park at 11something. He has to sit on the arm rest where his bulge is facing right at me to chat. actually he is kinda getting ciggy from me and also trying to get money from me to buy beers. well, if i am devious enough??  he is within my grasp cause he wanted money, but i am not. lucky he has his underwear on. or else... ??? he he HAHAHA.... Well, lucky i didnt do anything or gave him money cause after that i found out he is only 17!!! OMG,!!! whats with the genes now these? he is super tall and super slim. Fingers like beast!! i think i mentally did everything to him already.
Anyway, just had my routine eye check up today. So bored!! No cute male nurse at all. Luckily there are the old friendly nurses to chat with me. By the way... Eyes are okay. Still have to do some touch up surgeries though.  It was considered as good news cause these surgeries are to perfect what's done. Hmm.... One surgery next month, then laser, then another surgery again. God knows until when this is gonna go on.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Everything is so slow!!!! I think I need the power and will from a horse!!! Arrrgghhhhh!!!!! Give me strength!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Don't know why i am feeling quite melancholy today. Helped out my sister at One Utama and had a bit of flashback. Use to live at that area. I think one of the guy that I gave bj at the toilet is my friend's colleague. Felt a bit sorry cause I couldn't recognize him. As you know I don't have perfect eyesight. Maybe because i couldn't recognize him, that's why he is not replying my text. Hmm.... He was one of the memorable ones. Hmmmm........ So careless. Suddenly the tattoos below seems so appropriate. 

I super love this picture below I am just all over it!!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


I really don't know is today a happy day or a sad day. Don't really know what to feel. or what should i do. I don't know how i could sprain my waist while dancing to Mariah. I don't know why do i feel so tired. I don't even know what time should i go out later. All i know is that this still picture could move things!!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

In your Opinion?

Remember the 19yr old nice guy that i met weeks ago?
Well i found his FB. Solely because i really wanted to see clearly his looks as i am partially blind  Saw in his FB that he could speak Korean. Then i told my friend that i hope i wont mention about Korean to 19yr when i see him next time cause then he would know that i peeked at his FB. My friend ask me why? Then i said ... cause 19yr might think that i am stalking him which i am not and it's gonna scare him off.
So there are only two pics available and both are not very clear. So i was wondering that if 19yr changed his pics recently or not. I went back to his FB to see. I saw my friend added him.

Okay.. this is the part where i want to know. As the reader. What you think of the "friend" actions? Please do tell your point of view. Thanks!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Out of source.

Generally I am out of candidates. The one that I wooed, gave me an impression that he wants sincerity and seems to be waiting for the right moment. Then suddenly casually says he had ONS. And i was saving just incase. So I guess I was wasting my time. 

Then suddenly my long avoided " BFF" (hated him) turns out to be quite nice when he is vulnerable. Then became the devil he usually was when went out a few times in a row. Still the same and never change. 

I start to accept even the retarded just to keep my options wider only to hope that love beats everything. It's a total insult when the "uglier"(in many aspects) thinks that they can choose. I am not sitting all mighty high, but the reality checks. What makes you think that you are in the position to choose when being able to try itself is a privilege to your existence. Don't graph your entire self by words to beg for sympathy while thinking that you have the privilege to choose. That is a total contradiction to your entire attempt to lay nude right in front of the world begging to be chosen. 

I am not saying that I am a saint here, nor I am duper good looking to write this. But I am wondering, what can you get out of excluding giving chances? 

On the side note. I dare to try and I am doing both parties a favor. Don't patronize me when you don't love me. Your fantasy are not my dreams. My desire is not yours either. Do realize where you stand. It's only when two souls understands each other then that is where it begins to flourish.  Regardless of any mili path that, that one relationship goes. If you just want instant perfection? I believe now these... You can just buy them.  Everyone have flaws. The very need of "getting perfection" itself maybe your downfall. Why are you still alone? 

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Exquisite.. Super model royalty. These guys are just exquisite!! How can you throw in so many stuff and still can look damm hot?? 

Friday, May 3, 2013


Because i kept on feeling pinches of mockeries as i was screening through it!!  Phuuhhh!!!!! terasa okay!! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I never thought this could happen. I met this Indian guy for the third time already. Every time he was quite a kisser and I never  felt comfortable with it. Yesterday I was longing for "a break" I guess. So I kissed him back. Quite passionately. Usually its just 2%kiss and 98% sucking. And he is the kind that only cums like after 20 or 30 minutes of intense sucking. Till i have frill lips!!! Yesterday I don't know what get into me. I gave him some intense kissing. It gets more and more wild as it goes on.. ( pants not opened yet) He got all short of breath and he hugs me  so tight. Now I know why guys have scratches on their back. His hands were everywhere. After  about 20 minutes I went down to start the sucking. As its already so wet, I just slide  his 7  incher in. As the journey to the end of his penis I felt his penis swell in my mouth and when it's all in, he came. He accidentally let out quite a loud moan too. (was in the toilet at that time) In my mind.... Huh? Thats it? But at the same time It turns my heat right up , cause I never thought this could happen with just kissing. Then I remembered this movie, that I once thought that it's super cliche. Not anymore!! 
Ps; in the movie. The long haired guy likes the short hair guy(sort of a prostitute) and he is hired by the long haired guy just to kiss. Short hair guy hesitate a bit but he did it anyway.
So to his surprise.m!!! 

So awesome

So awesome!! Don't think he knows of my existence. I see him almost everyday though.  He's never alone but today. Love his shabby look. No matter what shit he wears, he looks bloody good  in it. He is stunningly skinny.  Love his Awesome long legs and hands. Even when he smokes, he looks damm proper. So elegant and so straight at the same time.  Thats so desirable! Wonder what race is he? Awesome!, just awesome!!!