Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Just How many layers would one have? I have been redirecting myself over and over again. Picking up my layers again and again. 
There are choices. I made choices. Choice didn't choose me. I recollect, Went back and make another choice. Again choice didn't choose me. So I recollect and go back again. This time there are only the balance of  what i call the "not my type". Then suddenly i realize the balance ones isn't really that bad after all.  But it's already too late. Even the balance ones starts to have mountainous pride now. I think I have gone through this so so so so many times. This is so tiring. 

If that is not the case? I go gaga over the straights. Well you know how straights are. All the planing and all the careful tactical moves and money spent. Just to proves that he is "in fact" straight. Sometimes it paid off in sex though, but in the end they will still go back to their original shape. 
i'm so into edging these days.Well... it has been forever actually.  Damm it makes me drip like crazy and it's hot. I think its because i drip every night that's why in the day i can contain my self as a human, and not turning into a werewolf.. My social circle of friends are only my colleagues. That's why discipline is crucial. Can't really do wrong here cause  my brother in law is partner in this company too. So Bummer... i have to be all the bright shining perfect staff.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


The LRT is gonna be up and running soon. I cant wait and im super excited. LOL... like a boy i'm exited. 
I have been working at NZX Commercial Centre. If anyone ever know where is that. So its quite convenient for me. There is a station near my house and there is another near my work place. Just awesome. I hope the gym at Evolve would open soon. I really have to gym. Well actually I'm just gonna do the same stuff I do at home but I think I'll focus more when I'm in a gym. Ha ha ha.... 
Why is it so difficult to loose weight. Ever!!!????  I hate food as much as i need them. 

I think it was last year I came to like this guy. My boss's elder brother. Now as time pass by, the feeling is gone. He started working somewhere else and I never seen him at all. I think now I'm falling for my boss's youngest brother. 

I think it's all because i don't go out to socialize. They are the only ones i dwell with and naturally i would choose the beautiful ones to be pampered. Besides recently i tag along his ride back home most of the time. This time i think i have to refrain myself from going crazy. Which i believe that i can. He is beautiful but there is only so much one straight guy can take. That is all a straight guy can give. So ... i cannot take more and just be strictly discipline. That is untill .. "if" untill im being offered something else. Hahaha....... . Well... i just wanna love and love properly.