Monday, May 2, 2011

What is that feeling?

I was born on the day Princess Diana and Prince Charles got married. Thats why my middle name is Charles. Since then i kinda grew up explaining to people why my name is so. When i heard about the tragedy, i weep inside and then i went to my room to release my tears. Frankly speaking,  i don't know her. Untill today I don't even know when is her birthday or even pay extra attention checking on her details or news. I was surprised i would feel so. Maybe because i grew up, or shall i say we all grew up, seeing her pictures appear once in a while in the news, on paper or magazines. Every where we look, we will see her pictures.  I guess i felt like something is missing. Her ever iconic pictures through out my childhood somehow made me felt close to her. It's like i grew up with her around. It's like our childhood teddy bear. When we loose it, we will felt it's presence is not there. Every now and then when i see her or hear about her, i will feel a mild tightness in my chest, but at the same time her image always makes me feels that everything is gonna be okay. It's truly a great loss to the world. A precise definition of "God needs an angel. So he take her away"  I am grateful that she left behind two angels to continue her legacy.


  1. Its tough when you have that bit of an emotional attachment to the name.

  2. Sometimes i feel ridiculous but it does...