Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Need A Stranger.

I have become very feisty lately. I seem to be angry at many stuff. Many many stuff. It's really not me getting crazy but these are genuine cases to be angry about. My friend would tell me, "well, those are just small cases. Let it go and forget about it" but it's not one big problem but it's a thousand of small little petty problems add together!!!!
I'm not making up my anger nor i am being high maintenance. No doubt the problems are genuine and  everyone is aware of their mistakes. The thing is i get very, very angry over it,  till sometimes my hands shakes when i'm in the anger mode. This is also the weird part,  because i get so angry then everyone automatically makes it like i am being a baby!!!
How would this help to strengthens a family bond? You know you are wrong but because i get angry a lot so you ignore me and leave the problem to be solved by nature? Do you ever think that i will get upset and wonder why are you not listening?  Do you ever think that it will challenges and pushes  people's limits? Am i really not talking sense here? Am i not civilized?  Yeah i know i am always at home. I does the house chores. It doesn't mean "oh that's why" but instead .... you should think that you already above 30's. Leaving a stool right in front of the front door is not the solution. I know at this point my friend would tell me, "Just move the stool and problem solved" But my problem is that if before i get to do it. and so happens my sister wants to walk pass the door. my sisters would actually rather hop across than physically moving it away. It was used by her and not only she doesn't want to returned it back but she just ignore it's presence even it's actually blocking her. Please tell me people. I don't know what to think at this point. 

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