Monday, October 8, 2012

is it me?

It has sways been like that. How come? I found out that one of the guy i used to like for years that never reveal that he is gay had a boyfriend. My high school crush that plays basketball like a stallion who is so straight had a gay guy's fb profile in his fb family list After 15 years.

Is it something i did?  Remember about grabbing opportunities and taking chances ?  You work and pursue of what you want? Believe and have faith? Did i not do that? Didn't i....?  To think collectively, i have been turned to ashes multiple times. then when you don't  let it matter and don't think collectively...i have SURVIVED!!  Heck......I don't even remember some things from the past, but how many times? How many times should i rise up again?


  1. Have you came out to any of them before? =/

    1. Yeah...they do know. That's beside the point though. Just that the number of failing is overwhelming.

    2. Perhaps, his preference is towards someone else ?

    3. Just pondering on the events of my life. I am not their type? i get it. I have met three guys that i see potential in and take my chances. Turns out to be straight when i confessed. Then miraculously have boyfriends now? "It's three". The fourth one now should be a charm right?

    4. OMG i sound like a desperate relationship whore. Note that these happens ages ago kay.