Thursday, February 28, 2013


Why is it so difficult for me to meet, at least one guy that "feels" like the picture above? Infact it's so difficult to even spot one. There are many that does put on clothes like that, but it's practically none that feels like HIM!! I am so GAGA over this guy... "Actually i am more worried of what would i do if i ever spot one??? " lolzzz........

Hmm... I never sings. I know i have a bad voice. So from day one my friend met me.... they know i just don't sing. Usually i just drink, do the pr and join the fun. So this time!! after the karaoke session  with my friends i told one of my girlfriend that i am quite pleased with the Karaoke just now. I had fun!! She grinned and and gave me that "Uh..huh??" look, and says 

 She; "you never fully enjoys Karaoke" "Don't just say that to make us feel better"
Me: "No No.... really i meant it. !! I actually karaoked this time!" 
She: "You did? How come I didn't hear you sing ??"
Me: " Cause i Karaoked a guy at the toilet!!"
She: "Wtf!! Wtf!! (while her face is still in the "O" shape)
ME: " Yeah!! me who doesn't sing finally Karaoked at the Karake this time!! "

Then we laugh and she start slapping my arm and chase me around. Guess while chasing me what did she screamed?? 
"Wtf!! Wtf!! my Va Jay Jay itchy also got nobody to attend to it and you get to karaoke at the karaoke??"
It was hilarious!!

p/s: Bumble Bee reach Australia safely.


  1. Ooo, someone's wild in the public.

    Red-box ?

    1. HAhaah... caught me off guard actually.... Yeah.. it's at Red-Box.

  2. OMG!!! WAHHHHHH!!!!


  3. O.O red box...I guess that guy looked like the pic above.

    1. heheh... nope.. if he does?? I wouldn't let him go. hahahah!!!

  4. Looks like the year of the Snake is a good year for you (: