Monday, April 25, 2011

I just thought that.....

I just thought that.....If i could anything anymore. My urge to "Just Do It" is barely there. I just read a blog, He mentioned that his moods can be swayed by music and movies. That is absolutely true and i always does being manipulated by something like that all the time. In fact, it's music and movies moved me these days. Oh damm..... Am i going through some super stress level? Depression? I find it so difficult to move. I need to stop smoking and my condition now is making me smoke more. It's me killing myself. You think that for someone who only sits at home and does nothing. Who has all the time in the world would be less painful? I think problems occur at every level of life. Simplicity is not simple. Many many things comes into account when you needs to achieve that. I don't even dare to look elsewhere or even get to know other peoples problems. As me myself are also messed up. Somehow i do sincerely hope with everyone that is struggling will at least somehow felt warm or at least a little satisfaction from what they are doing. At least enough for them to fight again tomorrow.  

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