Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Financially Disable

I really don't know what i could do to help out. I can't read due to my eyes condition, hence it's difficult for me to find a job. Due to my "special" conditions too, every layer of my eyes are super weak. So i couldn't carry heavy stuff. Can't do much work. Jeopardizing my eyes are the last thing i wanna do. I'm very lucky to have my sisters around. but because of me, they unconsciously limiting how they spend their money. Even their wedding. Though i know they are doing it sincerely, but i somehow felt guilty of it. Everytime i'm a little better, when i'm about to start being productive again then my condition gets worst. I couldn't kick start my plans!!! This time was the longest my eyes gradually gets healthier. GOD. Please do bless me. I really wish i'm able to contribute in some ways. I cannot be like this forever. 

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