Saturday, October 1, 2011

Something Ridiculous but Matters.

I think i'm a bit sad. Sad because i have been hibernating much at home and didn't go out. So today i went to 7E and saw the Nepal guy that i gaga over. Sameer is his name. I was in a bit shock too. The first time i went in to get ciggy, he wasn't around. Then i had a drink with my friend and my ciggy finish as my friend smokes my ciggy too. So when i went in the second time i was approx 10 feet away and i saw Sameer waved. With my eyes condition, i couldn't see the rest of him even his hands are blurry to me. I totally cannot see his face too. So to prevent him from making more gesture i just said i couldn't see him as i was approaching near him. Then he showed me the worried look, and ask is if  it's because of my surgery. Well he thought i already had my surgery and it didn't work out well. Then i lol and say no. Then i can see that he took a deep breath and stared at me a while. A moment of silence.Well i think he did but not sure cause even standing one feet apart i wouldn't be able to see his eyes. Then i break the silence by asking for ciggy. Then he raised his voice a bit and ask " i thought you just bought a pack just now right?"  "I saw through the CCTV earlier" Again the silent moment, and he didn't take the ciggy. I just smiled and say yeah i was sharing with my friend, that's why it finished so fast. (well actually not finish yet la. Just wanna see him a bit actually) then he sigh... and  reached for the ciggy. After that....well...i actually bought a pack of cookie for him from Ikea last month. I've kept in my bag since, Never had the chance to give him and yeah luckily he is around today. We chat a bit after that and i left. Apparently he is a good cook.
I was totally neutral when i went in. His actions shows that he worries made me felt nice. Warm.. These guys are super innocent. I know he is worried as a friend. I am also well understands that he is straight and hey "don't dream" and don't create impossible possibilities. Well it's really that innocent, that i thought to myself that i really appreciate his worries to me as a friend and it's such a loss that we could never be an item. Felt a bit pain, don't you think? Besides it's been quite long already that a friend shows me such care. So felt a bit touched. ahahahh..... well actually you guys here kinda did showed me more care than the physical friends i have. Well i am thankful to Sameer and love you guys!! 


  1. A foreign friend is good to have.


  2. Hahahah... i can imagined that you are speechless.

  3. its nice to have such friend .. :)
    hope everything is ok :))