Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hi guys. I have been busy finding myself these days. Lol....Well kind of. Actually i'm just clearing stuff around my home and basically it's history and present stuff. Sometimes it's really difficult to document your past and stuff huh? Well that is a never ending stuff to do, i guess it's universal isn't it? I'm trying to avoid sitting too much in front of my desktop. That's why i find stuff to do.
Does anyone watched this Brazillian Film called "Do Comeco Ao Finn" before? Kinda missed it and watched it again today. It's heartwarming till the extend where you wanna breathe in front of the air condition. It is really a nice movie.
I am having two surgeries again next week. I am suppose to not worry about it but there is some part of me are afraid. Maybe i jinx it mentally. Hmmm....


  1. eye surgery? hope that everything go well and recover soon.. then we can meet up for a bitching session :)

  2. hahha...Fanny..sure willdo so. I've been thinking of joining the gym here at Taipan too. after my surgery la.

  3. then i wish u speedy recovery.. then can fast fast join the gym.. then try my class :))

  4. Surgery ? You've been away for sometime...

    How ya doing ?

  5. HHiiii...Xing and Danny. Right now i'm okay. Surgery is next week. If the Doctor permits. I have been quiet lately. Hmmm...kinda silent. Even to myself..Nuts!! And Danny i needs lots of that speedy recovery wishes. Hahahh...Thanks guys.