Monday, February 20, 2012


One month" that is how long my only relationship lasted. Lol..... and yet it left me with many to learn, hence arming me with plenty of precautions. Does it means it's even harder for me to be in a relationship now? Hahah......

I am not mourning here....Just that recently i see the net are infested with post regarding LOVE and mainly are still searching. So these pop up in my little brain.

How come i only would have one relationship? It's because I am afraid of emotional chaos and i am frantically  afraid of hurting people.Whats the rush?
 Hahha...i know we shouldn't rush but well.......homo sapiens are impatient by nature. Before we know it we are considering botox and jabbing vitamin C. Right?  "That"doesn't mean we are willing to sacrifice "Happily Ever After" still......... we really shouldn't rush.

Love is not measured by your ability to accept his "Everything" because you loves "HIM" but instead it's measuring your ability to accept "HIM" because of his "Everything" and likewise his ability to accept "YOU" because of your "Everything" and not his ability to accept your "Everything" because he loves "YOU"

  • EVERYTHING means the every inch of his being. His attitude. His look. The way he eats. The way he walks. His etiquette. The way he gives a BJ. Scars on his chest. The way he digs his nose. The way he presents himself in front of your friends.  His fashion sense. The way he moans your name. His table manners. His teeth color. Does he tidy his bed in the morning? Does he wash his dishes? His sense of respect. Is he pretentious? The way he stares at Cute guys. His taste on Coffee. How he spends his money. Too strict financially? Is he dependent or independent? Does he lifts up the toilet seat before he pee? The shape of his penis. Is he dominant?  Is he too clingy? He called or text too much?  Is he a gentlemen? Obnoxious? It's the  every inch of his being and vice versa Same way of how he would value you. 

I think you should get the idea.:) That's why i never support instant relationships, or get together after a few weeks or within a small amount of time. I really thinks that we always need to "know" the other guy first before we rushed into a relationship. Really, when two are attracted to each other there would be no confirmations needed. Even during the process itself you will feel bloody comfortable. The impromptu synchronizations. It's just magic. I do admit, all the time "Sex" always speed up the decisions. Not sex but it's the urge of tasting that delicious guy. Then i think sex shouldn't be a big "hoo hah", but to be treated like a normal activity. I know at this point many will think "yerrr" so cheap!! So you would rather be an item and have your heart blissfully split and cry for the next two weeks? and have this stamped in your book of  "Life History" in the "HATE" sections? and find your self telling your grandchildren about this evil man, even after 50 years?

Do interact more. virtually or reality. There are so many mourning singles out there, that means everyone are really looking but no one are there to invest a bit more time to make a conversations. ""HI....asl? Seek?" i think it's like a habit now everyone just ask simple questions. Straight to the point and if doesn't click then just click the next picture. Thinking that there are still thousands to choose from. Realistically speaking there are none, because everyone have the same mentality. "I still have plenty of men to choose from" Unless you are beautiful. Even the beautiful ones have became a tool for the community then goes to MP to meet a new guy but "I Have slept with your three other friend"

As it is we have many to learn when we are together.Why not speed  it up by learning about each other before together. Even just for friends sometimes we will de-hate that person if we start to know them. Never know maybe "The One" is just by your side.

Go out. Make friends. Get to know them sincerely.