Monday, February 13, 2012

I AM Smiling or is it called Smirking?

Ha ha.. thanks for your concern Danny, and yeah i guess i memang dah hilang for a while but physically i am always still in my room. Just spiritually, entah dah ke mana.'s not because i am sad. Just melayang around termenung. Deciding what i should do next.
How actually you guys decide what you want to do next in your own path and then execute it? I really have a hard time in execution. I always manage to plan the greatest plan but i don't know how to start it. Super Bummer.
Oh and that smiling smirking thing is that recently i go GAGA over Malay guys. I think if you have read my blogs previously you will find that i have liked many million other races. seasonal pick!!  I guess it's because of where i hang out recently, it's full of super-my-type of Malay guys. These guys wear skinny jeans with simple checked shirts .The check is even up to date kinda check, with Simple white t's (owh..that breaks my sweat) or even hoodies. (when a guy's fashion sense is up to date it turns me on)  then with the thick black frame glasses. Makes them look nerdy but with super hot long long skinny legs!!! Ooooooowhhhh mannn that is just electricity!!!!  Many of them are quite tall and slim. How ? How on earth, this could happen? How  can so many of these guys appear in one location at the same time??? Everytime!! I alwys end up breathing fire and starts leaking everywhere...i mean my saliva leaks till everywhere also got. ;)


  1. let's go makan 'nasi lemak' together gether
    welcome back :)

  2. let's kunjung beramai-ramai to the 'nasi lemak' stall..
    where got good one huh?

  3. Hey...I think you know there is one famous Nasi Lemak here. Right beside the big mosque. Quite nice.