Friday, March 30, 2012

Fairy Tale part 2

I was chatting with my best friend over this case and my friend were saying that ,his spasm looking face and the way he "Ting Tong" are symptoms of a drug user. Hmmm, my friend are kind of pioneer in these drug thingy. Cause she is quite crazy last time. really describes him. He does looks like he had a bad experience with drugs before. He did told me that he does Chem sex last time but not now. If these are the after effects of drug abuse. I understand. The thing is, when he is excited he jokes loudly.. till everyone stares...then he speaks like he is mumbling. His laugh are cracking the roof. Till the stage where i felt afraid that he might just wakes up and sing a happy song on the street. When he sleeps...his body never stops twitching and he mumbles tons of thing while sleeping. Did the drug messed up his brain?
Leave those aside... he is unrealistically perfect. Will i see him again? I am sure i will see him again if such plans took place. I would even feel so bloody lucky if he ask me out again. Then these are my worries...Is he still on drugs? Chem sex is quite a daring game. Did he slept with many at once, or usually with drugs ppl get bizarrely creative and is he "safe"? Did the drugs messed up his mind? Cause he definitely looks quite different from his pic. As in his face muscles did go off position a bit. With all these matters i somehow still foresee myself "might" still..... will.....fall for him. I am scared. I do not want any messy stuff. I know in a way i sound bad, i am also worried and scared. Not to mentioned the vast empty feeling of the "forbidden fruit" moment. 


  1. If he didn't ask you can always initiate first.

    And again, a person's it really a criteria if you fall in love with him in the present ?

    1. For a moment there i don't know what to say. I do agree with you Xing. I think i am over weighing it?

    2. Oh...anyway...he did text me a few time already. Conversation is cool.

    3. See, now isn't it organic this way ?