Thursday, March 22, 2012

This is Bordering Me

I always see these profiles in PR. I always reads through a profile if i am interested. Whenever i come across a guy that is tall, many always enter their dick size as "m". So after sometime i begin to question. A tall guy should have a longer dick. Well if it's not by gene then it's just the matter of proportionate. So after some time i begin to question these guys. Many will answer me in a random way. Some will say..." i think mine is not big at all but it's not small either." or "some may  perceive  M as L, but some may perceive  L as M" ... yeah..i understand but what if you tall guys thinks that 7inch or 8 inch is medium but for a shorter guy, that size is an XL!!! Then when i ask about the measurement they begin to shy off, thinking that i am a sex maniac or something. Funny . I have a dorky friend who thinks his 7incher is a "normal" size. Hahahah...i am just frustrated that i can't get an answer. That's all.