Friday, April 26, 2013

Calm me down!!!

You know I was thinking of my friend yesterday. He texted me in the morning from Thailand. I was okay when he told me that he hired a boy to have sex with him. Untill he added " sedapp!!" then I felt disgusted. Not about the prostitution but the disgust is more towards him. Hiring that boy really contradict with all his believes in Malaysia. When he meets with guys, he criticized every single detail. Not just the simple overall impression of that guy but he goes into details. Like hygiene, shampoo, skin and stuff. So that makes me thinks, prostitute is okay? It's like you Are telling me that fast food is healthier than home cooked food!!!  I just despise guys that have mentality like that. It just boils my head off!!!! it's like some guys saying. "yucks! Please don't cum on me!! But can you swallow mine?" or " I'm straight!! (but when sucking him) " don't bite!! I'll slap you if you do"  Really? sLAP??? Is that a term that a straight guy uses? Even for gays, SLAP is a term, sissies or trannies use!!! 


  1. Well, for most of us..."sex" is something very hard to get...


    1. Me too but that's not the main point!! He is being difficult!!!