Monday, April 15, 2013


I dreamt of Samir yesterday. Nothing to brag about cause he cheated on me in the dream. :( Anyway kinda wanna talk about my cousin. 26yr.  Lives at Damansara Perdana. Kinda see him like 3 or 4 times a year. So this time, i saw him at my aunt's funeral yesterday. He is super weird. He is kinda sticky to me.  He likes to hug me but he is straight. We were never close. All these while i think it's just an act. You know how we always pretends to be friendly during family meet ups. 
So yesterday i saw him again. His gesture were different this time. I don't know what happened to him. He suddenly turned super big and huge. His hands are huge. So when he holds me, I FELT WEAK. Melted. It felt like HULK were holding Captain America. I mean the comparison of sizes, he being Hulk and me being Captain America (ahemm) Then the whole day his hands were around my waist and stuff. He makes me feels like i am a little girl. Then the whole day he stands beside me. Passing me drinks and food. Maybe he is still acting like usual. But you don't treat your male cousin like a girl right? I am definitely not sissy. I am not being weird right? I am not feeling this because i am all fucked up with boiling hot hormones right? He is really being too close right? OWH... kinda think of it ... he does treats his girlfriend exactly the same way.. well way stickier of course. 
I still do misses Samir though,  but part of me doesn't wish that he comes back. 


  1. It must be the hormones in you.


    1. Ei you!!! No it's not my fault!!!

    2. Haha, kidding only.


      Maybe he's just being caring. Or that's who he is naturally.

    3. He he he... That was my last ruling too, so that I don't need to evaluate it anymore.

    4. But then you should feel blessed that got people still want to touch you.

      Me on the other hand, untouched and unwanted.


    5. Aiyo... set one day i go to your house and .................... :) help you to do facial lah!! ahahah....