Monday, May 20, 2013

sneak peak

The old trick always works!!! Super turn on by this pic. Look at the veins!!! He he he......   There is a guy that sat right in front of me after jogging the other day at the park at 11something. He has to sit on the arm rest where his bulge is facing right at me to chat. actually he is kinda getting ciggy from me and also trying to get money from me to buy beers. well, if i am devious enough??  he is within my grasp cause he wanted money, but i am not. lucky he has his underwear on. or else... ??? he he HAHAHA.... Well, lucky i didnt do anything or gave him money cause after that i found out he is only 17!!! OMG,!!! whats with the genes now these? he is super tall and super slim. Fingers like beast!! i think i mentally did everything to him already.
Anyway, just had my routine eye check up today. So bored!! No cute male nurse at all. Luckily there are the old friendly nurses to chat with me. By the way... Eyes are okay. Still have to do some touch up surgeries though.  It was considered as good news cause these surgeries are to perfect what's done. Hmm.... One surgery next month, then laser, then another surgery again. God knows until when this is gonna go on.


  1. You always attract young face or too manly? ; )

    Take care and wish you fully recover soon. =)

    1. No face, just friendly I guess. Actually I think I have the word " use me" written on my forehead though. Thanks SY. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Where else lah... the only place where i get most of my little excitement from. Hmm...

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