Tuesday, May 7, 2013

In your Opinion?

Remember the 19yr old nice guy that i met weeks ago?
Well i found his FB. Solely because i really wanted to see clearly his looks as i am partially blind  Saw in his FB that he could speak Korean. Then i told my friend that i hope i wont mention about Korean to 19yr when i see him next time cause then he would know that i peeked at his FB. My friend ask me why? Then i said ... cause 19yr might think that i am stalking him which i am not and it's gonna scare him off.
So there are only two pics available and both are not very clear. So i was wondering that if 19yr changed his pics recently or not. I went back to his FB to see. I saw my friend added him.

Okay.. this is the part where i want to know. As the reader. What you think of the "friend" actions? Please do tell your point of view. Thanks!!


  1. Your friend either want to help you out by digging out more info for you, or also interested on that guy. Just my random thought XD

    1. Yeah that is his defend. But I say I don't want 19yr to know. I wouldn't have problem adding him. Just that I wanna do it after I officially asked him. Now if he founds out he is my friend then sure he thinks that I am stalking him. He is straight some more. Bo liow! Bo liow,!!
      Thanks for commenting Shin.

  2. Your friend he or she first ? If it's a she, then probably she would want to know him.

    If it's a he, gay he. Then he's just curious to see how the guy looks like.


    1. A gay. Hence the damage lor... If 19yr look through his friend list I am doomed. As for now he already blocked everything.
      Don't know because of this or not. Hmmm,.... Sad lah Xing!!!

    2. she or he also no such thing as go add him one leh, that one macam too extreme no? hahahahah

      i know a lot of case like this and at the end the "friend" will be the one who gets to know the "korean" deeper and you will be left out and move on! nexttttt!! but then the "friend" will be no more friend liao... unless special circumstances la.. hahahaha...

    3. Yes that is exactly what i thought.

      let's just hope what your second paragraph says doesn't happen lah ye!! :) anyway I think i wrote off this friend already.

      Thanks for commenting Tuls.