Sunday, March 2, 2014


I just had a hair cut. It is exactly what i wanted but i forget to imagine my own face with it. I'm quite upset now, i even felt angry at my self for having such mistake. Just a few days. Just a few more days and it wouldn't look that bad anymore. I had the exact style of the top right picture. When you are good looking, you'll look good in everything! Haihh!! Deceived by the picture!! 
 Feeling kinda plain lately. I think it's because the guy that i liked in my previous post already has a BF. It' a damm 4 year BF!! Lolzzz.... no la.. i'm not angry. I'm quite happy for him though. It's not easy to have such bond. It's precious. Just sad that i have no opportunity. 
 Bumble bee came back from Australia. My first love. I still love him. He is closer to my sister now. They always Wechat while he is still in Australia. I think they went out yesterday without asking me to join them.  And i wasn't told that he is back till today. He came to my house just now. Visit my mom. He practically didn't talk to me at all. Just the formal courtesy "Hello" I don't understand. What have i done wrong?? Why such treatment? Why my sister thinks that it's alright to not to include me?? 
Seriously i pray and beg for a BF. A real life BF. I always get crazy woman!!!!  I'm glad that i've met great female friends but i really don't know why i attract many crazy old women. I don't want these nutty old woman go grabbing my nuts. They are just weird. Just weird. I say i'm gay and they hug me enldlessly. They even ask if they can French kiss me?? lolzzz.... i wonder how long more i can withstand these crap. 
BTW i super love skinny guys like the first top left picture. The one cutting his hair. Skinny with attitude. Actually i don't mind skinny Dorky too. Damm hot. turns me on big time mann..!!

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