Monday, March 17, 2014


I started work two weeks ago. Went into my brother in-law's advertising company. Wasn't really happy about it cause, at first i was told to be there to learn. But now i have a position. An actual position. Felt like i was being tricked. He and his partner made me a project manager. Yeah i know i have experience managing a group of people but that doesn't means that i can do the same here. It's two very different world. If i am a chef who specialize in Indian cooking that doesn't mean i know how to handle a Japanese Kitchen!!  

Anyway i do realize that i am also lucky to get such opportunity. It's basically boundless and i have total freedom. Well like i say i have no experience in this line. Zero knowledge about it and i hope i can cope with it.  
First week was exciting though. I had fun. Maybe because the work load hasn't sunk in yet. There are a few gorgeous colleagues. I mean as in hot and attractive. They quickly turned ugly when i get to know them. Work ethic and enthusiasm is next to nothing.  

The Haze are getting worst, So drink more water guys and My prayers to MH370. 


  1. That´s why you did nothing on your blog...I was checking every day... congratulations and have fun in your job!

    1. Ha ha ha, I'm sorry for the quiet days. Thanks for checking me up. Lolzzzzz..... I had fun at work but I'm damm tired everyday. ;(

    2.´s part of the then you can go and enjoyable sleep...:)

    3. Yeah, I agree to that. I sleep like a baby now these. But still need to get use to sleeping early. Cause I still wake up at 6 or 5 in the morning.