Saturday, May 24, 2014

SEVENTEEN point Twenty Fourteen

I'm glad and thankful to god that, whilst in the mids of the dreadful chapter of my life. I still have my muse at work to look forward to every day.  I really appreciate of his existence in my life right now. In fact I damm appreciate that I've known him at all. I wish that our friendship would only flourish and if nothing happens? I hope our friendship will never deteriorates. 
 I think with him around I'll never be bored at work. There are times, I don't get to see him more than 5 minutes but I still foolishly excited and happy till I finish work. Lolzzzz....... Every morning I anxiously rush to work, only to reach before him so that I could wash his coffee cup, clean the office and water the plants before he enters the office.                                      
Ha Ha Ha..... So for the time being, I'm glad that there is at least one matter that would distract me. It's better than nothing. I know this is a torture in a long run. I think good or bad we still have to walk through it in our best behavior. ( he has a girlfriend) No cheating and comes what may. If I get to be with him I wanna feel proud that I owned a solid legitimate relationship. If we don't be together I want it to be a proud friendship. 
I'm expecting a probability cause I felt a connection between us. What kind of connection that is? I'm not sure. Maybe it's a friendship connection. Maybe it's attraction. Whichever way it goes I'm sure to be there for him at all times. He is a strong guy too. I currently learnt that he has a difficult love life. Yet I don't see him showing any trace of agony or sadness. He is definitely masking himself with silk and gold to withstand his everyday life. I love his work ethics and courage. The place would be messy after that but I'm glad I could clean up his mess after his fight in the war zone. And now I'm addicted to Michael Jackson because of him. That's how beautiful he is. As much obstacle that he is facing he stills listen to " LOVE NEVER FELT SO GOOD" all the time. I love him as he is and I will love him always. 
When a guy farts in front of you and you don't feel even a slight inch of disgust? You know you are into him!!!! 
I love you A.


  1. OMG!!! I´m happy as worried when I read your words. And not just this last two posts ago. I have been felling a strange sense of protecting you, as it where myself. I connected with the situation you are living. All your exciting, expectation before you see him, and all the "voragine" he causes you. I think it´s my overreaction. So, just want to say that be safe on your heart, and do not forget yourself. I lived, a similar situation, and it went wrong in a not so favorable way. But after all happen I was better than before. So, its a great felling what I had, but I will not allow to be again, so unconsciously and noxious for me. A big hug for you. Miguel

    1. It's nice to hear that you almost wanna protect me. That is very nice and I'm touched. I do need protection in some ways. Right after I wrote this post, my drink we're being spike or something. I woke up this morning on the street side. Lost my money and wallet. I felt pain around my body. Ouch..... Everyone only knows to scold me. No one actually ask am I okay or not?