Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Watched this movie and I thought that the ending was okay, but the guy that cried in the train station was quite awesome. Didn't expect him to cry like that. I think that it's quite touching. If my man cries like that??? I'll  run to him!!! carry him , wrap him with a cloth and tie him with a ribbon.  Then hug him, Never to let go again. It will break my heart to ever see my love to cry like that. I don't know why that girl could bare standing in front of him and not do anything but smile. Anyway the story is fine. Pleasant. Funny. Like all stories, you'll get to relate more if you follow the story, but it's also alright if you just fast toward till the end to see the train station part.   
Here is the link in case the video posted doesn't work. http://youtu.be/qG3qC7-XF-A

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