Saturday, August 2, 2014


It has been awesome and eerie. I hate to be sucked into watching these games. Now that it's gonna end? I begin to feel melancholy already. ;( damm sad. I wished I had been into sports when I was young. Imagine all the good things that I could do.

I am officially one month smoke free. AWESOME!!! You know when they say don't just go cold turkey and do it gradually? They are right. Listen to them. I went cold turkey and it's a torture. Of course me myself is not that strong to stop immediately. I manage to go through it cause I have a massive !!FEAR!! to motivate me through it. It's only been a month, not completely over yet. Still fighting to stay smoke free.

If you ever attempt to stop smoking? Make sure you know all the ' Nicotine withdrawal symptoms' Surf the net and you tube too. Then stop gradually. 
To stay healthy is my new aim. I don't intend only to improve my life quality but I also intend to improve the lives of everyone around me. Including you. Start with eating like a rabbit or have at least one kind of vitamins to start with.


  1. OMG!!! thanks God you are all right!!! that was a long time. It´s nice to read I´m not the only one whose´s making changes to be healthy. I have one month swimming and i feel great!! I´ll follow your word. i do not smoke so much, like 1 or 3 cigarretes daily, sometimes none. So, congratullations!!!. Miguel

    1. Hey M, I'm so happy that you leave words and congrats on cutting down the cigarettes!!! Awesome.