Sunday, January 12, 2014


Sometimes i really feel like grabbing the next guy i see and suck his soul out of his mouth!!  I always have this thought. I wonder would i, actually execute it or not? 

Owh!! apparently people are afraid of blowjobs now these? Is there any new flesh eating diseases  that i don't know about?  I met two guys the other day and they only wanna masturbate. There is another guy that doesn't let me suck but he wanna suck me. lolzz... That! I'm confused. :) I had fun but i don't want all that. I want a session of real sex. Well, i don't mind if it doesn't end. ;) but i really want a good complete session of hearty sex than having tons of little little bits and pieces of sex. Don't you think so?

I do still love the mysterious strangers sex,. but I guess i was craving for Love. I want to belong to someone i guess. It's so tiring hunting for people. People in reality (when they on-line) aren't really that nice. They are super mean. They are super rude. Guys become bitches and the girls thinks that they own the world. I've learnt that to know and love someone, you must feel. Knowing a person in person is very crucial. His movement or scent or etiquette would change all perceptions. Even though he looks like an Achillobator. You'll melt if he is a total gentleman. I hope i'll meet one soon. I am tired.  
Anyway i have a joke. The other day i was babysiting my 1yr nephew. He climb up on to the staircase. When he reached the fourth step, he stands up. So i stand closer to him, afraid that he might fall. Well he did. When he falls i was looking above and thank god he grabs my shorts. So he didn't fall all the way, he was just dangling there with one hand holding my shorts. Then the next thing i realize was that, he didn't just grab my shorts. He grabbed my penis as well.  I didn't wear underwear, so my penis was free. In my shorts!!  Then i feel pain cause he was squeezing it quite hard. Well imagine a 10kg meat hanging on to your penis!! lolzz.... My cousin saw and laugh her ass off. I was speechless. I literally don't know what to say. Hahaah... i blushed of course.... 
It's gonna be a busy week guys. Be safe and spend wisely kay. Have a great great week ahead people. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


So many choices. Have to make some constructive choices. I am kinda excited about what is coming next. Except going back to pack our home in Malacca. 
I can imagine how everyone is gonna cry like shit when that happens. Cause it's like the final moment or should i say clearing the house marks the end of my dad's story. It's the reality slapping right at your face. I wonder if i could take it or not. I hope my mom doesn't faint. I am not crying much through out this whole journey. I did not grief. I wonder did the reality sunk in already? Am i containing my grief so that others would stay stronger? Or maybe i am just a bad son? Or maybe because i understands that "thats how life goes" I just hope that i am not taking this the wrong way and end up being an emo-whore.  
So my great quest of making decisions for the next chapter of my life is damm crucial. Everything that i do involves of many elements.  Everything that i do will alleviate stuff at some point. 
The guy that i hope to get laid from did not reply my HNY text yesterday, but i got to grab a bulge. Lolzz...  This guy's cousin is sitting next to me when i was playing with his bulge. it's also because of his cousin we couldn't proceed to the next level of this scandalous indulgence. See what happens today. hehehe....
Live well people.