Wednesday, January 1, 2014


So many choices. Have to make some constructive choices. I am kinda excited about what is coming next. Except going back to pack our home in Malacca. 
I can imagine how everyone is gonna cry like shit when that happens. Cause it's like the final moment or should i say clearing the house marks the end of my dad's story. It's the reality slapping right at your face. I wonder if i could take it or not. I hope my mom doesn't faint. I am not crying much through out this whole journey. I did not grief. I wonder did the reality sunk in already? Am i containing my grief so that others would stay stronger? Or maybe i am just a bad son? Or maybe because i understands that "thats how life goes" I just hope that i am not taking this the wrong way and end up being an emo-whore.  
So my great quest of making decisions for the next chapter of my life is damm crucial. Everything that i do involves of many elements.  Everything that i do will alleviate stuff at some point. 
The guy that i hope to get laid from did not reply my HNY text yesterday, but i got to grab a bulge. Lolzz...  This guy's cousin is sitting next to me when i was playing with his bulge. it's also because of his cousin we couldn't proceed to the next level of this scandalous indulgence. See what happens today. hehehe....
Live well people. 

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