Sunday, June 7, 2015


I was hugging him. We were hugging actually. He trembles when i move my palm. He just came. There is a pool of cum on my palm. I uses his cum as a lubricant. I smear it all over his swollen head. Continue to rub his bare head with my hand. It's damm sexy, i cannot comprehend  guys that loves to continue being harass after they cum. I think i throb and came in my pants multiple times while working on him. He hugs me tighter when i move faster. "Please!" "Please!" "Aaahhh i cant take it!!  Please don't stop!!" 

When i move slower i can feel his tensed muscle eased but not entirely free from that electric trail. He breathes hard but calm. His warm breath against my neck makes me wanna kiss him and make him scream at the same time. The surrendered helpless feeling is just evil and seductive. 

I've met and suck this guy a few times before. There is just something sensual about this guy. When i see him or when he saw me in the mall. We'll automatically head straight to the toilet. We will have an intense moment but ironically he never suck me. In fact he never touches my bulge. But i get wet every time. Now !! That's powerful. Hahahah..... 

Im prepping for my boss's wedding in August. Were lazy though. Didn't exercise at all. I gain weight quite fast. Thought of exercising this weekend. I sprained my neck and i can't do it. So i have to exercise my other organ instead. I very much still think of A. He is all i think about when i have free time or when i masturbate. I really wish i could make love to him. I shall look beautiful in August. I shall make him notice me. This is vain and insane. 

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