Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Went to Redang and came back. This picture above is the picture of my boss. I like this picture damm much. It's taken at one of the market at Terengganu. 
It was a company trip. The trip there was quite torturous. Rented van broke down 3 hours away from our destination. Have to figure out how to dump this van and rent another. Then we have to charter another speedboat from another destination, just so that we could reach Redang on schedule. By the way if anyone likes adventure. Going to Pulau Redang by speedboat from Merang Jetty is awesome. You wont regret it. But you have to charter a speedboat with Rm500++. There are 10 of us. So the fare is shared by everyone. So it's okay. Here are some pictures. 
Those were the front view of the hotel. Actually this hotel has an icon. It's one of their souvenir shop. I am stupid enough to missed taking a picture standing in front of it!!! It was quite tiring actually. I feel that we are rushing all the time. Rush for meals. Rush for snorkeling. Rush to explore. Hmm... our trip was 3 days 2 night. I think we need more than that. I think we need some quality quiet resting time. I feel that It defeats the purpose of vacation, if we don't get to rest at all. The following pictures are views from the dining area. 

 The rest below would be the snorkelingsss.
The end note of this trip was pleasant actually. It was a 7 hour drive from KL. I got to share a room with my boss and my boss's best bud. They are cool. I actually manage to plan this trip. I don't really believe that i did it but i did. So i felt a tiny wee bit of achievement there. Lolzzz..... 

As for "A". He is doing well at his new office. I'm glad that he is doing fine. I do still thought of him everyday. The intensity has become milder but he is still very much alive in my thoughts. I missed him but at the same time i felt stranded. There is nothing that i can do but to  just let nature takes it's course. 

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