Monday, March 27, 2017


I just came backfromPyramid. It was a fairly good night. Unroll I met this Chinese guy in the toilet. I would say he is beautiful.
He was wearing. Black tee. Aristocratic green  shorts. New balance shoes. Colourful shoes. The way he moans are so motivating.  He likes it when I slide in slowly with my mouth. He reacts in all the right places.  I think he is delicious. He doesnt smell at all. Smell of sweat or stale hair. He smell so fresh everywhere. His underwear smells like the fresh laundry. He even position his feet right under my knees. Super gentleman. He is brutally beautiful.
I wanted to pass him my name card, but he left so fast.  I'm so disappointed right now. I never felt so helpless before.  I have no whatsoever way to reconnect with this beautiful soul again. Please. If you are reading this.
Please please contact me through my instagram. TWOHORNSCHILD.
You are wearing Black tee.Green shorts.New Balance Shoes. Black Calvin's.

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