Wednesday, April 14, 2010

At What point

At what point will your pleasure satisfy you? Once upon a time just a simple bulge would make me go crazy. Just watching a hot guy run around with a trace out bulge or even just a guy not wearing a top would get me masturbating. Pre cum starts flowing out and could even get me hard for the whole day. Now with the much exposure and after many blowjobs. It's getting harder to satisfy ourself don't you think? With the all exposed pictures on the net and even easy download porn just gets you harder to satisfy yourself. I'm not going against it... these things should live forever. I'm just saying we humans just simply seeks more. Now i actually enjoyed being doubled suck. It's just the moment when you cum and the guy continue to suck even harder right at the most vulnerable moment, making your whole body tensed up pulsating in pleasure.  it's the rare view of unexpected moments actually gets you go crazy. Like maybe a guy with a hard on in the train, or a peek at the guy pissing beside you, an unzipped pants, or a peek into a guys shorts. The pure simple truth of hard to get get moments actually gets you even hornier. Don't you agree?

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