Monday, April 5, 2010


Watched a movie yesterday. It's called "Eternal Summer" got me thinking very much. It's about this childhood friends. One love the other and the other is straight. The gay one somehow kept it by himself and it reminds me of myself. The straight guy somehow really cares unconditionally for the gay guy(without knowing he's gay) The picture above is a movie stills, i just love how when a man take cares of another man.There is this scene that i hate where the straight wants a night out and make the other all happy and panting. Suddenly his girlfriend turn up at the disco as well. I think that is a hateful act and very lame. Then i hate the quote " i know you love me , i will always be your best friend" That's the thing, we've already been best friends. That's exactly what i don't want. I want to love you. Best friend is just not going to do it.

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