Thursday, April 29, 2010

Much To Do

I just started my new job after a 20 days medical leave. It's great when i can see again. The Joy of being able to look at cute guys and i really mean gorgeous guys. On my first day to work, i see tons of cute guys and there is one who really got me ga ga. You know the ones who makes you feel breathless and your heart fainting? Anyways, can't focus much on him as i have tons of stuff to catch up with.
There are so much i have to do and so little time. There is this staff transfer program going on. They practically transfer the whole group and the other group from another outlet would come work in my store. Hopefully the ones who are coming are cute and adorable. The bad part is this. I am new and i know not much and new people are coming?? Hmmm.... I won't look good.  so there is much to do and catch up.
During my medical leave, I gain much weight without me realizing it. and whats worst is... most of my weight is on my face. Sharks!!!

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