Saturday, February 26, 2011

it's that Feeling

Wonder if anyone ever watch "Dare" with zach Gilford in it? I first noticed him when he was in Grey's Anatomy. It's really amazing that you will kept on smiling whenever you see someone. It's kinda warm. And about him? He is super cute. not the beat looking person but try seeing him talk. He speaks like his tongue is injured or something. Sooo bloody adorable. I just felt like chewing him whenever i see him talk. Lol....In this movie titled "Dare" he is too looks amazing and he acts partly gay but i think gay is not the word. Did i mention his pink lips??? AMAZING!!!!! God knows, how many wet dreams i'll have after this. Anyway the story of this movie actually reminded me of my past. Well kinda almost the exact past. Will tell my story tomorrow. 


  1. He looks really cool - not a pretty boy. Just cool.

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