Sunday, February 27, 2011

Continuation from yesterdays post

As i mentioned yesterday. The movie "Dare" reminds me of my past. I too did go ga ga over one of "the" guy in my high school. Of course he is one of the celebrity in my school. Being great looking, tall, rich and also mixed, i guess everyone at school does go ga ga over him. God knows how many girls he had slept with. My best friend is one of the girls. He use to hang out with me when ever he wants information about my best friend.  Somehow, creepy things do happen. I had sex with him. It wasn't an easy catch. It's after some time and curiosity that leads us both into having sex. Well, after that the jealousy and guessing game starts. Not a blood bath, but it will leads you to think "what if" and "maybe" all the time.It makes you wanna be around them. Being included in their activity becomes like a necessity. I hate the feeling when all 3 of us lying on the bed after some party, hopimg he would touch you and not her or maybe while in the car, hoping for another chance. Giving high hopes on every possible opportunity.  Hmmm.... it's painful sometimes. But in this movie "Dare" it's sort of like the opposite and also almost the same.
John (the famous guy) Ben(the loser guy) Alexa(the best friend) John mix and had sex with them is because he never felt so needed before. He felt alive and not lonely around them. Something like that. What surprises me is that Ben and Alexa left him alone when he needed them the most. I think it's cruel. Anyhow, games like that always leave me with this unbearable feeling of  heartache and wanting to cry. It's like a constant short of breath. Can i cry now??

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