Sunday, February 20, 2011

What is it?

What is it that really stops me from pursuing it? I had a dream. A dream to benefit everyone around me. I have a tiny breakdown. I'm afraid what i wanted or planned is actually a fantasy. What if it all doesn't work? What if it all is really just a dream? I need a burst of power i guess. At times i see people favor the strong. It makes me don't dare to whine Don't dare to cry. I'm afraid it will show that i'm a loser. That i'm not strong enough. I guess sometimes, strong people do cry. It's getting there. Thw money issue has finally arise. This cannot go on for long. Someday, sometime, i have to step up and work. To earn money again. Why do i always feel tired and not rested? Am i doing it wrong? Maybe i should sleep early today. Hmmmm

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