Friday, July 29, 2011


Finally it's here. I'm in the thirties. Today is my Birthday. Hahah.... Well i'm surprised that my sisters are actually planning a celebration. Not a big one but a family sized one. We have a hard time deciding where to eat. My sis are allergic to seafood. My sis's boyfriend is a Muslim. So it has to be Pork free as well. My other sis thought of a fairly fancy place. My other sis doesn't really wants to go too far. It's Friday. Jam are bound to happen. I'm forced to have a hair cut later. My hair is five months old and has no shape or style. Quite hesitate cause i have put in weight and my face will look super fat. Hmm... but well i already a, happy and there is a guy asking about piano lessons. My days are getting better already. HAHAHA,,,,,,,  


  1. Happy Birthday to you ! Have a great one...and remember, you are forever young at soul...


  2. Thankx Cheng Xing.Totally appreciate it. May your days turns out great as well.