Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Felt It.

Accidentally watched a series. A Korean series that i believe it is at least a five year old production. I stopped and watched because the male actor in there has a very strong resemblance of this real life guy that i always saw during event parties at my work last time. Bumped into him a few times in the train but never initiates any interactions. He is the kind of guy where looks bloody handsome, have great sense of fashion but fucking humble and shy. He never looks at me. I know he does know my existence. Was talking to his friend once in a party. They were talking to each other, i went over to say hi but wasn't introduced. Really. It's at times like that you would ponder and ask yourself "why" and "what if" :(
Anyway the very and only episode i watched has to be a sad episode. The guy loved another girl and break ups with his current girlfriend. When the current has no choice but to leave him but at the same time she couldn't. It's like dooms  day you know. That particular feeling that suffocates your heart. That pain. I hate that feeling. I know i felt it before somewhere but i couldn't remember when. Is that normal?  LOL...

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