Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Not Easy.

It's not easy being the only sane one around. Or i am just being self centered? It's not easy to have a highly opinionated friend. Or i'm just not that smart? How would you react if the friend who you always hang out with are constantly debating on whatever you say? It's so severe till i have stop telling him my problems. It's so severe that i only speaks of "rubbish" to him but still he has a point to go against what i said. Is that really necessary? Then again i still hangs out with him, because i believe everyone has their own rights and opinion. Seriously? Everything i said? Hmmm.... it's like he hates me.  But he likes to call me out. I'm a bit speechless. Anyway if these goes on, i may have to tell him it's beginning to bug me. I nearly ended this friendship the other day. I was boiling and nearly burst right there. Luckily i managed to control my self. 

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