Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee came back. Actually came back for some time already. He is going back to Australia after Chinese New Year. This time it would be 3 years at least. I am sad cause it felt like i am loosing a friend. It felt like the ending of the movie "The Legend of 1900" The part where Max couldn't persuade Nineteen Hundred to leave the ship.


  1. Who is Bumble Bee, close acquaintance ?

  2. I can say..... he is a guy that i loved dearly. And usually the story must go with......Of course he is not my bf and also not my ex. I don't know what category to put him in lah. Haih....adalah ceritanya.

  3. alo alo..
    happy cny ..
    mana u menghilang lagi? :)