Monday, April 9, 2012

GaGa Over It

I wish one day i can be like this!! Not the bulge of course. That is kinda permanent already..hahahha...but those skinny legs and that slim body. This body actually compliments the clothes he is wearing don't you think?  Doesn't it looks super i am mentioning "desirable" it's with smokes coming out of my mouth. My goal... to have a body that compliments clothes and not the clothes hiding all my creamy layers!! 


  1. Come on, you can't be that fat right ?

    I heart skinny jeans, but please, no smoke coming out. You should really try to quit.

  2. don't know how bulat i look..:( I am getting a hair cut tomorrow. I think i wanna go bold. so at least balanced visually kan? Sincerely thanks for the advice Xing. I heart you!!