Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sometimes you are just speechless.

Sometimes you are just  speechless. How ignorant one could be. Innocent? I really don't know. Common sense? Where is it? Did my face resembles the virgin ass? Definitely.

-Everyone in the car expressed that it' has been 6 months since they have been to Mid Valley. 
-Elder sis have to check stock at Borders and found out that they did not display her stocks properly.
-Second sis offered to help.
-Elder sis friend from Singapore on vacation offered to help.
-I did nothing but got Angry.
- Does it makes sense when you as a distributor did not visit the store for the last 6 months when you live in Subang? 
-Now that everyone is here happy and jo9lly for a few hours only. They have to help you do your work?
-WORST!! Elder sis friend from Singapore on vacation looked at me and wonders WTF what is wrong with this guy?.
-When it ends......elder sis says..."Shop fast cause i have to pick Boyfriend" 
-Even my hair in my ear started tingling.
- I then decided to text friend. cause wanna avoid disputes.
-Yesterday friend ask to go MP but i rejected. Now i think i need it.
-Text friend  " Hey, are you going MP tonight?"
-Friend replied after ten minutes... "Confirm 10pm"
- Got happy a bit and out of just answering the usual "OKAY " I replied " oh, so you are picking me up at 10pm?"
-Suddenly phone rang. When answered....friend says " No, what i mean is i will confirm with you again at 10pm, cause now i am at Sunway Lagoon's beach party"
- Totally Dumb founded......
Sometimes you just wants to keep quiet and hopefully it goes away peacefully. Not hopefully actually, no matter what you know it will go away. Problem not solved.and it repeats. 


  1. Well, if there's nothing..perhaps just stay home and catch-up on your favourite TV series ?

    1. Well. ended up having drinks at 1am..just got back...Happy a bit....

  2. Can't help it, but the anus ponder is big LOL


    1. Hahah...yeah but i really wonder what McD initially install up there?? lolz....