Wednesday, September 19, 2012


OH NO!!!!..    OWH NO!!!   Bo liow !!!   BO  LIOW!!! I accidentally unfriended Rafflesia and then accidentally re - requested for friend again.!!! This is what happens if you are Fb illiterate!!  Now i have to face the consequences. Dhhamm!!!  This is so embarrassing!!  Owh NO!!! Bo liow!! bo liow!! Hope he doesn't call me. 


  1. Err...that's awkward.

    Well, if he adds you back then it's good. If not, I think you get the cue.

    1. I don't care the cue. I stop doing anything else cause i want less damage. If i cancel the request will he know? Will he have any notifications?

    2. By the way why do i always got stuck with all the songs you choose. I am currently stuck with TRY.

    3. I think there will be notification.

      Just let it be only, there's no damage control to it.

      Hehe, I was so into that song when reading 50 Shades. And, why are you "trying" ? Are you still...

    4. Whaaat? It's a nice song. It's a really really nice song. Wink!! Wink!!

  2. herm... I did that once... to a guy that we share our first time... and he never friend me back... oh well... gotta move on at times... but I do wish you that he will come back =D